Matt Castillo – How The River Flows EP

Matt Castillo - How The River Flows



4.2/5 Pros

  • Really nice range of country songs
  • Simply a good listen

I just happened to run into the EP How The River Flows by Matt Castillo when I was scanning for new releases as at 30th April 2021. Hope you enjoy my view about his songs.


Matt Castillo – About The Artist

Matt Castillo is a Texas country music artist. Unfortunately, I could not find out too much about him. He is coming from the city Edinburg, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. He made his first major footsteps in the music industry with the band Matt & The Herdsmen, which he founded in 2013 and lead thereafter. The project had some minor success and also released an album, Still Sane in 2017. Some of the songs feel to be released as solo tracks thereafter.


Matt Castillo – How The River Flows – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 19 minutes.

1. Say It

Say it, say it, say it
Say that you don’t want me
Sayin’ that you won’t ever feel the kinds of things that I want you to feel
Say it, say it, say it
Say that you don’t love me
Say it so my heart will let you go so I can find someone who will

The EP opens with one of the singles, which is having quite a traditional, but catchy honky-tonk touch. The more often I hear the words Say It, the more I enjoy it. Sometimes, it is just simply good if country songs are a bit of simple.

2. Neon Red Neon Blue

After the quite traditional side of Say It (even though it somehow had a pop touch as well), Neon Red Neon Blue is a quite modern song, even though it comes with the classic country instrumentation. Nice song.

3. Leaving Brownsville Tonight

Leaving Brownsville Tonight was one of the two singles of the EP – the song was not that successful. It’s a bit too ordinary from my side as well, even though I like the arrangement of the songs.

4. No Easy Way To You

No Easy Way To You is a slower track, but in contrast to its predecessor, it really catches me. Nice song, which does not need too many melodic element to be a good one.

5. Cause He’s A Cowboy

Matt Castillo really gives a nice range of songs. My favorite is Cause He’s A Cowboy. Yeah, a somehow very typical country music topic, but a nicely arranged and produced modern country track.

6. Evil Kind Of Woman

I like the instrumental style of Evil Kind Of Woman. The band feels to have quite a lot of joy to show their musical potential. Not as good as the fifth track (and a bit more old-fashioned as well…) – but a nice finisher.


Matt Castillo – How The River Flows – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Matt Castillo – How The River Flows – My View

That’s really a nice one! I partially was a bit of afraid that this EP is a bit too old-fashioned – but finally, How The River Flows comes with a very nice set of very different songs. Just the way I like an EP as a musical showcase. Very well done.


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