Songs Of The Week (week of 07 April 2023)

Not too many releases due to the Easter week. The week was dominated by my Rock of Ages coverage. First of all, there was the musical’ opening night performance for the German tour in Munich as well as my first appearance at the red carpet. The Songs of the Week are also featuring quite a lot of German-speaking artists this time.


Marina Marx – Weisst Du noch

Very modern schlager with sprinkles of rock and country music – that’s Marina Marx. The German singer, who is also working as a vocal coach and driving a start-up company, released this song on Thursday – and it simply made me smile. Great sound!


Cora – Nie, Nie

Cora sounds like a single artist, but it is in fact a duo consisting of the couple Cora and Swetlana von dem Bottenberg. They already wrote some successful songs a couple of decades ago. This track, however, is a bloody cover of Zombie by The Cranberries. I don’t like these schlager covers too much typically… But Nie, Nie (“Never, never”) made me smile.


Girli – Cheap Love

Girli is the artist name of London-based artist Milly Toomey. Right before she is touring Europe (there are shows in Berlin and Cologne), she is releasing this very catching and rhythmic pop track.


Toby Romeo feat. YouNotUs – What It Feels Like

The dominating in this (rather short) edition of my Songs of the Week is definitely pop (and schlager). What It Feels Like is a typical dance pop collaboration. I like the sound produced by the German producer duo YouNotUs and Austrian Romeo.


The Cumberland River Project – A Place Called Earth

It feels like whenever Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project are releasing, I have to smile. The guy from the East Ruhrgebiet is one of the talentest songwriter we have in my home country. A Place Called Earth is a thoughtful love letter to our planet, going back to the roots of the project with an Americana touch.


Crowdfleckerl – Nimm da Zeit

The German dialect in Nimm da Zeit already tells you: this song is a track from Austria. The trio Crowdfleckerl recorded a beautiful listen, which stays in your mind. They just missed to lead my list of best songs this time. Great listen with a folk-country touch.


Sebel – Lehramt

The 40 year old Sebel is a singer-songwriter from the German Ruhrgebiet, who is also working for movies and as a photographer. Amazing storytelling in this song. Love it


Michael Moravek – Everything is Alright

Everything is already is teasing the second album by Michael Moravek, Dream. His debut Lost already had quite good reviews – this release does at least not suggest something could go wrong this time.


Ben Harper feat. Jack Johnson – Yard Sale

This song is a beautiful, quiet blending of blues and folk elements. The two US-American singer-songwriters Ben Harper and Jack Johnson tell a hilarious story – I’, pretty sure, she’s gone for good – this breakup was definitely worth it, the song is great!


Ann Can’t Talk – Die Zeit steht still

After my postings as of 16th September 2022 and as of 13th January 2023, it is already the third time I feature this band from Hennef near Bonn. Very good, German modern pop-rock.


Henry Moodie – eighteen

Henry Moodie is one of the artists, who grew his fame on TikTok. The British artist is presenting a really catching song this week – and in fact, he really just turned eighteen. There is a lot of potential in this musician.


Brunhilde – She Said – Eye for an Eye and Tit for Tat

Last, but least, there is punk-metal from Fürth near Nuremberg. I had featured Brunhilde a few times in here – and their nrw single release is a lovely one as well – even though it is the only harder rocker this week.


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