Jeremy Black – Part of Me EP

Jeremy Black - Part of Me



3.3/5 Pros

  • Some really good vibes
  • Four very different compositions Cons

  • At least one song I cannot relate to
  • Just four tracks

Sometimes, I just need to dare doing something new on Like this review. Jeremy Black is doing experimental electronic music. Playing this genre is typically the most effective way to make me leave a place. However, I liked the opening (and title) track of his new EP Part of Me and felt to give him a deeper listen. Here is my review of the EP, which has been released on 12th August 2022.


Jeremy Black – About the Artist

Despite Jeremy Black is releasing music since 2020, I could not find too much bio about him. He is a US artist originally from New York, but living in Berlin, Germany, nowadays. There have been four Jeremy Black in 2021, which feels quite impressive. Part of Me is already the second EP by the artist this year, after a release in February 2022, Charade.


Jeremy Black – Part of Me – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes. I unfortunately haven’t been provided with the picture used for the EP cover and thus use an artist press photo.

1. Part of Me (feat. IUMA)

Part of Me has been the track which made me run into the music by Jeremy Black. I feel that his style nicely matches the voice of German artist IUMA. Nice groove in this three minute opener.

2. Alphabet Baby (feat. Tino Drama)

The second song feels a bit more threatening and psychedelic to me. The shortest recording of the EP is also not having the nice dance vibe of the opener. I can’t really enjoy the listen here, even though I get into the song better in its second half.

3. Acid 1.2 (feat. Awefekt & Andy Fitzpatrick)

The third song does come back to the nice vibes of the opener. However, I did enjoy IUMA’s voice in the opener much more. Nonetheless, Acid 1.2 is a very solid one for the dancefloor, might not be the ideal choice for a relaxed listen at home, though.

4. The Crush (feat. AWEFEKT)

The last 4:15 minutes of the album are rather enjoyable to me again. This is the second track in collaboration with Black’s very own experimental electronic music project Awefekt, The song has some parts, which feel a bit too experimental for me – but overall, Black and his collaborators do a nice style, which reminds me of some 1990’s club sounds.


Jeremy Black – Part of Me – Track by Track

Here is Part of Me on Spotify:


Jeremy Black – Part of Me – Track by Track

Part of Me is an up and down to me. Even though it is likely not the kind of sound I would extensively listen to at home, I do like the opening and the closing song. They also have a straight character, I feel the vibe. On the other hand, I cannot relate to Alphabet Baby at all. At a four track release, this almost automatically pushes the rating down quite significantly.


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