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Jesse Cole - SAND




Country from Germany with an important background. In his 2021 release, Jesse Cole deals with the impacts of being a soldier in Middle East. It is also a soundtrack to the novel Sandseele (“Sand Soul”) by Wolf Gregis, who is an Afghanistan veteran. The album is called SAND meaning Some Are Never Done. Release date has been 4th October 2021 (Monday).


Jesse Cole – About The Artist

Jesse Cole was born in 1967 in West Berlin. Growing up in the American sector, he was exposed to their culture. Making music, he played with multiple bands as a guitarist, but also became a songwriter. His biggest song is the 1985 Tears In Your Eyes, which has been very successful in Poland. His debut album, however, was Live free or die, released in 2014.


Jesse Cole – SAND – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Sand In Meiner Seele

Even though the remaining album is having English lyrics, the opener is in German. Sand In Meiner Seele means “Sand in my Soul” and is a look back to being on a military mission. An angry musical retrospect. Even though it is a quite impressive track, I feel that that Jesse Cole is doing better in the following tracks.

2. I Saw It All

The English part of the album starts with a monumental track describing how a soldier saw his comrade being shot to death. A deep, dark song, which feels to be a perfect fit to Cole’s dark, cutting voice. Great listen.

3. Don’t Let Them Down

The third song comes with quite a classic dark country song. This time, Jesse Cole is more focusing on the emotional impact of being on a military mission, also about the friendship between the soliders.

4. Truth

At this moment, Lord, I wish I could die
All the pain I feel is running down my face
All what’s left is to know I got a better place.

The album – and the project – is living from being straight and truthful. Again, Jesse Cole and Wolfgang Gregis as the original storyteller are so impressively personal. I am just calm, touched and listen to songs like Truth.

5. We Bleed

The song is describing the struggle between being proud to fight for your country and your countrymates and being confronted with death during the military mission. A song about missing people who haven’t survived. A bit of a darker sound than its pre-decessor.

6. The Prayer

This song is describing how a veteran comes back home, going to church and doing a prayer at church. The struggle between other soldiers having died, feeling alone and unsupported by society. They sent him to war, now they don’t care anymore, about a veteran, who gave it all is the central statement of this song.

7. No Welcome Band

Welcome Home in the land where I come from – a song reflecting about the way homecoming soldiers are treated by society. Jesse Cole describes the social struggle, also in line with the German military history.

8. That Ain’t Me

One of the deepest songs of the album. The song is describing trying to get around with the mental pain after being back home – and on the other hand permanently know that That Ain’t Me. Finally, it is also about fleeing from the situation with alcoholism.

9. Just Another Soldier

Just Another Solider was in fact the only song already released before the publication of the SAND project. The song is claiming for more social, but also political support for the soldiers.

And I never saw myself as some kind of hero
And if I’ve been through hell and made it home
The real heroes lost their life there in the desert
And my country don’t give a damn at all
It’s just another soldier falling.


Jesse Cole – SAND – Spotify

I could not / not yet find SAND on Spotify. I will update it once it is available.


Jesse Cole – SAND – My View

Definitely, as a German, we do have struggle with honoring our soldiers. Where I feel that other countries do a bit too much in that relation, I vice versa feel that German society is rather doing too few. The more, albums like SAND point on the situation and give a better picture and insight of all the struggle – mental and physical – which is impacting our soldiers and veterans. Jesse Cole did an amazing job. His dark voice, the limited instrumentation just creates a perfect atmosphere for his messages. I absolutely loved listening to these nine tracks.


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