Monster Truck – Warriors

Monster Truck - Warriors



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great Southern rock
  • A lot of fun to listen Cons

  • Few weaker songs
  • Quite similar sound throughout the album.

Warriors is the fourth and latest studio album by the Canadian rock band Monster Truck. They had some rather successful songs in the last decade, even though the predecessor album was not that much of a commercial success. The more, I was curious about that 30th September 2022 release. Here are my thoughts.


Monster Truck – About The Artists

Monster Truck is a rock band from Hamilton, Ontario. Since their founding, the Canadians worked as a quartet in the same lineup, lead by Jon Harvey (vocals, bass), Jeremy Widerman (guitar), Brandon Bliss (keyboards) and Steve Kiely (drums). However, Kiely has left the band in March 2022. Four years after they started to do music, Monster Truck released their debut album Furiosity, which peaked 13th in the Canadian charts. Before that, the band had released two EPs. The second one, The Brown (2011) had two Top 15 singles in the Canadian rock charts. However, lead by the chart-topper Sweet Mountain River, the band had six Top 10 single releases in this leaderboard thereafter. The second album Sittin’ Heavy also had average chart placements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and even was Top 10 in Canada in 2016. True Rockers (2018) could not keep up with that success.


Monster Truck – Warriors – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Warriors

The opener has a nice Southern rock groove, which easily catches. Latest when Jon Harvey states We are the warriors… we fight til we die and the band is singing along in the background, you just have to listen to this track, which later also presents a really nice guitar soloe.

2. Fuzz Mountain

Fuzz Mountain was the last single release before Warrior is available to you. The bass line feels a bit familiar after listening to Warrior. The song is not has hard as the wake-up call in the leading spot. Apart from that, the song uses the same ingredients – and this works out. A nice rocker with a straight sound, well presented – good one!

3. Golden Woman

Golden Woman slightly departs from the Southern rock sound and rather moves towards the sound of classic 1980’s hard rock. Jeremy Widerman nicely drives this song on the guitar. Still a good one for a nice road trip. The song just comes with a lot of power – so do don’t push the pedal in line with the sound of the third track.

4. Live Free

The fourth song is further slowing down. Nice rest for the drummer, but even though the chorus ain’t that bad, the songs before simply did better in my point of view.

5. Country Livin’

Country Livin’ made me smile from the very first moment. There is a strong Southern rock vibe compared with a nice old-school sound. Just as Thin Lizzy would play a Z.Z. Top tribute song.

6. Get My Things & Go

The repetitive beginning of the chorus is the characteristic element of this song, which again has a lot of rock and nice vibes. Straight, very entertaining listen.

7. Love & Time

You might initially think that Love & Time could be the ballad of the album, but finally, it is just more Southern, more blues-ish. The way Harvey presents it is almost naughty and dirty – but hey, it is a damn good catch. Thumbs up… Or just slowly bang your head to this one.

8. I Got A Feelin’

After the highlight Love & Time, the eighth track I Got A Feelin’ has a hard time to present itself in a good way. To make it short: it fails. The song does not sound that different compared to other songs, but it feels a bit of lame, not cheeky enough. Might be much better on a live show – otherwise, this one is the pee break soundtrack on the next tour.

9. Wild Man

Just after a few seconds, you feel the difference again: Wild Man comes with a certain level of magic and power. Just what the predecessor did not have. And it turns into a really good and fun listen.

10. Still Got Fire

Stating Still Got Fire almost feels rebellious. Monster Truck is not wrong about it – Warriors feels to have the potential for some really good fun. The closer is not opposing to it.


Monster Truck – Warriors – Spotify

Here is Warriors on Spotify:


Monster Truck – Warriors – My View

I feel that Monster Truck walk a very fine line here. You can’t deny that the songs are somehow similar. The magic of the songs is majorly coming from the way these Canadiens master music, not from a virtuos and surprising range of songs. Mostly, it works.  Warriors is not boring at all, they just do the same good stuff again and again. There are just a few weak spots which prevent an even better rating.


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