Karaboom – Follow Your Heart

Karaboom - Follow Your Heart



3.5/5 Pros

  • Nice range of genres
  • 14 nice songs Cons

  • No really top-class song

German pop-rock debut: the band Karaboom releases Follow Your Heart on 20th May 2022. I happened to run into the album and felt to share it with you. Here is my review.


Karaboom – About The Artists

Karaboom is a band from Southern Germany. The two key drivers of the project are Katja Boss (vocals) and drummer Rafael Schöllhorn. The other band members are guitarist Andreas Schick and bassist Tobias Neugebauer. Follow Your Heart emerged from a single song the four recorded together.


Karaboom – Follow Your Heart – Track by Track

The 14 track album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Life goes on

The pre-chorus and chorus of the opener is actually quite nice. The song with the strumming guitar rhythm comes with an Americana touch. I personally feel that Katja Boß’s vocals are too present compared to the melody.

2. Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang rather sounds like some esoteric topic, but Karaboom wrote an enchanting pop-rock track based on that title. Summer vibes on their 2022 album.

3. Follow your heart

Some heavy guitar riffs introduce you to the title track. Indeed, Follow Your Heart is made to my classic rock fans smile. The chorus has a lot of power, the verses almost feel a bit of limpy compared to that. Nonetheless, one of the best tracks of the album.

4. Flashback

I had a flashback – this track is a nice rocker, which this time holds its power even in the verses. This track is my favorite of the album. Easy listen, but still a damn good rocker.

5. Celebrate this time

Celebrate this time reminds me of the summer vibes in Yin and Yang. However, the ukulele-alike sounds let me briefly dream of Hawaii – just before the scattered electric guitar action take me away from the land of travel dreaming. Quite good one.

6. Towards the sun

The swaying touch of Towards the sun makes me think of folk track. I love the empowering, positive lyrics in this one. And the chorus just comes with a too good melody:

Turn your face towards the sun
And the shadows fall behind you
Believe in yourself
And follow your dream.

7. Bassman

The second half of the album features a few songs which remind me of 1980’s pop songs. Bassman with its synth-alike fanfare sounds goes a bit towards that direction, but finally feels to modern.

8. Three legged stool

This song is a pop track, which cannot deny a certain folk music basis. While I struggle a couple of times on this album with the balance between the instruments and Boß’s voice, I feel that Karaboom found a nice leverage here.

9. Wings

If I would describe Wings in brief, I would name it a rather traditional sounding dance pop song with a rather slow-ish vocal part. Definitely a new touch to the collection of songs, but not on my list of favorites.

10. Listen to your melody

The album stays with a strong pop sound. The song is simple, but that also turns it into an easy-to-remember song. The synth chords could come from a never released (as too bad) 1980’s Dieter Bohlen track.

11. Fight for your life

I feel that Karaboom sound best when Andreas Schick is able to play the guitars with force. Fight for you life is bringing the album back to rock – and this is definitely a wise move. The electronic sounds in the background add a footprint to the listen.

12. Nostalgia

If there wasn’t FlashbackNostalgia had the chance to make it to the very top of my Follow Your Heart list. Symphonic rock with a choir alike vocal part in the chorus. Great arrangement.

13. Yourself

A nice classic rocker, driven by the riffs of the electronic guitar. No song to apply for the Olympus of Rock – but just a good and catchy track, which has a nice potential to make people part at Karaboom concerts.

14. You made my day

At the very last song, Karaboom surprise with a synth rock song, which could have made it to the charts in the 1980’s place. Makes me feel more nostalgic than Nostalgia (even though I like that track as well).


Karaboom – Follow Your Heart – Track by Track

Here is Follow Your Heart on Spotify:


Karaboom – Follow Your Heart – Track by Track

Follow Your Heart is an interesting debut album. I like that Karaboom is trying out a wide range of songs. They don’t manage to create a song which could really make it big. No reason not to give this album a chance. It is far away from my best ratings this year, but it is not bad at all as well.


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