The View At The Palm (Dubai)

The View From The Palm

100 AED


4.5/5 Pros

  • Posh observation deck with a nice view of The Palm
  • Located conveniently at Nakheel Mall Cons

  • Signposting to the deck entry is not always straightforward

240 meters above The Jumeirah Palm in Dubai – The View At The Palm is one of the latest attractions in the U.A.E. super-city. Does the tower and viewing platform have the potential to become as popular as Burj Khalifa or the Dubai Frame? I visited the place in May 2021. Here are my thoughts.


The View At The Palm – Location & Admission

The observation deck is located at the Nakheel Mall in the center of The Palm. The easiest way is to go there by car or taxi and park the car in the posh mall. There is, of course, the alternative to use The Palm Monorail. I am not too fond of that iconic transport, as you cal also see in my review. The View At The Palm is of course signposted in the mall – I nonetheless felt that the walking route was a bit of confusing here and there.

The observation deck is open from 10:00 to 23:00hrs daily. The doors close at midnight Thursday to Saturday. The adult admission during daytime / low time is 100 AED (roughly 23 Euro). You may upgrade to a fast track ticket passing the lines for 175 AED. During my visit, this would have been a waste of money, as I did not have any waiting times. During sunset and other peak hours, the admission prices increase. A typical sunset ticket is 158 AED adult, non-fast track. The View At The Palm also have lounge and VIP offers, which give you access to other levels.


The View At The Palm – The Visit

Getting to the observation deck itself is done with a lot of information and entertainment. You first go through an “aquarium tunnel”, which however is just done with screens. Thereafter, you can “build” the palm-alike artificial island by stepping on different spots of a sensitive screen flooring. The next stage is an information video about The Jumeirah Palm and the watch tower, followed by an exhibition about this iconic part of Dubai. I felt that this part is much more interesting. You might know some of the facts – but especially for first-time visitors to the city, it is a nice introduction. You finally head to the elevators which carries you to the 52nd floor level of the deck. Of course, there are screens on the walls again.

Once you reach the top, you can walk around the center of the tower. The glass walls are tilted. The glass quality is not bad, but they do reflect, inevitably. There are are platforms here and there which allow you to take a picture of yourself with the best views in the background. You feel the wind in the place, but overall, the glass is protecting you against it very well.


The View At The Palm – Views From Above

The key thing about an observation platform is – of course – the view. I just have to state two facts here, which are somehow obvious: When you are on top of The View At The Palm, there is a lot of water around you. And there is a lot of sun. You just cannot prevent that it is a bit of foggy. The view of the Palm itself is really nice, but you already see by the views of the Atlantis Hotel or the Burj Arab that the picture quality gets worse. Secondly, Dubai is really large in size / area. Expecting to spot iconic parts of Northern Dubai is simply unrealistic.

Under these prerequisites, I really had a lovely time up there. I especially enjoyed to see how The Palm is structured and how public and residential areas are separated.


The View At The Palm – Services

Especially during my December 2020 trip to Dubai, I did criticize the social distancing measures at some places – but during my visit to this place in May 2021, I felt they did an excellent job. There are, of course, souvenir shops – a minor one on observation deck level and the major one on ground level. The reception area features a Starbucks.


The View At The Palm – My View

I feel that The View At The Palm is really a nice addition to the portfolio of touristic attractions. Especially as it is giving you a great view of the structure of The Jumeirah Palm, it is really a valuable experience. Admission is in absolutely reasonable range and they did this place in style. Have to come back during sunset hours, very likely. Views from Above

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