Iggy Pop – Every Loser

Iggy Pop - Every Loser



3.9/5 Pros

  • Some really good songs
  • A nice range of sounds and genres Cons

  • You can't deny some weaker spots as well

New tunes by Iggy Pop: the punk legend released a new album on 6th January 2022. I have definitely been curious about Every Loser and give you my detailed thoughts.


Iggy Pop – About The Artist

Iggy Pop was born on 21st April 1947 in Muskegon, Michigan, right at Lake Michigan. His civil name is James Newell Jim Osterberg. Due to his great career, he is also named the Godfather of Punk. He as also been introduced into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. In 2020 he received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. He initially was part of the band The Stooges, which released five studio albums overall. On top of that, he released eighteen albums as a solo artis. His key eras of success were the later 1980’s and 1990’s. However, the 2016 album Post Pop Depression was a Top 10 one in several countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Switzerland or the United KingdomReal Wild Child (Wild One) topped the New Zealand charts in 1986 and was thus Iggy Pop’s only chart-topping single.  Every Loser is Iggy Pop’s nineteenth album overall.


Iggy Pop – Every Loser – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 37 minutes.

1. Frenzy

The album opens with the two single releases. Frenzy thereby was the first snippet fans could digest of the Every Loser album. The song is dirty, rocking loud punk – it’s simply an Iggy Pop one as you would imagine it to be. Timeless.

2. Strung Out Johnny

Compared to the wilder Frenzy, the most recent single release Strung Out Johnny feels more mature and sedated. Iggy Pop with a touch of Peter Gabriel

3. New Atlantis

Somewhere south of Alabama, and north of Cuba
There lies a beautiful whore of a city
She accepts all donations, and attracts an endless stream of lovers
Colombian Pushers and Murderers
American Swindlers and Slavic Thugs
Because here, a man can be himself
But now, she’s sinking into the sea

Iggy Pop in 2023 persuades with his very multi-faceted style and ideas. In the verses of New Atlantis, the music legend rather reminds me of the laid back, bluesy style of Leonard Cohen. Overall, the third song of the album is beautiful rock music storytelling.

4. Modern Day Rip Off

I’m guilty as sin
But I know how to win
I don’t know how to die
I don’t know how to cry

The fourth track is a nice straight hard rocker. The song has a personal touch – but overall, it is just a nice fun song, which is not even trying to be too deep.

5. Morning Show

The contrast couldn’t be bigger: after the guitar riff firework Modern Day Rip Off, Iggy Pop is presenting the Morning Show, which rather feels like a folk music narration. While the song feels a bit of boring at its beginning, it is developing a nice plot built, which even gets a bit too soupy the longer you listen to it.

6. The News For Andy

The News For Andy is a fifty second interlude, which feels like a piano man storyteller.

7. Neo Punk

The 2:15 minute Neo Punk feels to be one of these songs on the album where Iggy pop is simply blowing his own trumped. Maybe a bit too much – I can’t relate to this song too much. The artist is finishing with a laughter, I am rather mixed.

8. All The Way Down

After this listening experience, All The Way Down is definitely bringing my mood back on track. The song feels like a 1980’s experience, could have easily been a Billy Joel write. Even if a few parts are rather Ozzy than Billy. Good, fluent rocker.


Sell your face to Hollywood
They’re paying good, paying good
Sold my face to Hollywood
I’m feeling good, looking good

The song introduces itself with rather heavy and dark bass lines and the verses keep that mood. The chorus, however, is contrasting with a happy, pop-ish texture. Nice contrast, which leads to a catching contrast.

10. My Animus (Interlude)

63 seconds this time, another interlude, which is leading into the closing track, The Regency.

11. The Regency

Fuck the Regency – there is this punk heart in Iggy Pop. Even though the chucker-out feels rather settled from the melodic, Iggy is doing Iggy. And thus, we are looking forward to the next album as well.


Iggy Pop – Every Loser – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Iggy Pop – Every Loser – My View

Every Loser won’t be a top item in any Album of the Year lists of 2023. But it is a pretty solid collection of a couple of really good songs – and some, which just do not keep that level. Regardless of that up and down, it is simply fun to listen to the energetic Iggy Pop. Good one!


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