Will Linley – Kill All My Feelings EP

Will Linley - Kill All My Feelings



4.1/5 Pros

  • Nice ease and beautiful vibes
  • Very catching recordings Cons

  • Rather simplistic pop recording
  • Short songs, short EP

No preview this Wednesday, but an in fact release: about a week before Will Linley was about to release his EP Kill All My Feelings, I ran into this publication. The promotion platform classified his music as Alternative (which typically means “either unique sound by a genius – or crap”) – I would rather call it pop music with a slight ethnic folk touch. I gave the five songs a listen in order to give you a better view. Release date has been on 20th July 2022.


Will Linley – About The Artist

Will Linley is a 20 year old singer-songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. He has a background in classic singing, before he went for a pop-ish direction. During the pandemic, he decided to upload some songs to Soundcloud. The rather fast feedback made him follow this idea. Kill All My Feeling is Will Linley’s debut EP.


Will Linley – Kill All My Feelings – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. all the girls

Rhythmic summer vibes and a lot of dancing vibes – the opener all the girl is definitely a good reason to look forward to the four other songs. I love you a little bit more – even if these are Will Linley’s words, I do appreciate it after this rather short listen.

2. miss me (when you’re gone)

miss me (when you’re gone) opens the section of three songs in a row which have already been released as a single. Slower and more laid back than the first song – but definitely a nice listen, which again has a nice vibe. Ten million listeners on Spotify only can’t be that wrong.

3. i don’t wanna be yours

I don’t wanna get too close and break your heart tonight
I don’t wanna find us here in two years time, oh
Stuck in a 9 to 5, oh
Long days and lonely nights, oh
Smiling while we’re crying ’cause we not alright, oh
I don’t wanna be yours

Back to the rhythm. The songs on this EP are neither very long (this one is 2:39 minutes) nor very very elaborately produced. But hey, they catch you. They make you smile. That’s what pop music is about – and this this third track even has a touch of rock music.

4. wrong time

Writing a review while listening to the songs in parallel is really a challenge. This song, again, is shorter than three minutes. wrong time nicely combines guitar strumming and almost R&B-alike rhythm. She was the right girl at the wrong time – the story is definitely a relatable listen, even if I liked Linley’s vocal performance more on the other tracks.

5. kill all my feelings

Will Linley is closing his debut EP with the title track. The song is by far my favorite of this release. I simply like the mixture of the groovy folk-pop style and the scattered rock music elements. Very catching song.


Will Linley – Kill All My Feelings – Spotify

Here is Kill All My Feelings on Spotify:


Will Linley – Kill All My Feelings – My View

Summer vibes during the Southern hemisphere winter – not too surprisingly that Will Linley is coming over to good, old Europe soon and is presenting his songs (see below). The EP does not have a lot of depth, but is well produced and leads to a lot of fun while listening. I definitely smile to Kill My Feelings.


Will Linley – European Tour 2022

In August and September 2022, Will Linley will support Matthew Mole during his shows through Europe:

Th 11.08.2022 Berlin (Germany), Franzz Club
Sa 13.08.2022 Hamburg, Molotow
Mo 15.08.2022 Bremen, Tower Musikclub
We 17.08.2022 Leipzig, Naumannsche Brauerei
Th 18.08.2022 Prague (Czech Republic), Cafe V lese
Fr 19.08.2022 Vienna (Austria), V72
Sa 20.08.2022 Munich (Germany), Storm
Su 21.08.2022 Zurich (Switzerland), Papiersaal
Tu 23.08.2022 Dornbirn (Austria), Conrad Sohm
We 24.08.2022 Frankfurt (Germany), Das Bett
Th 25.08.2022 Cologne, Jaki
Su 28.08.2022 Zwolle (Netherlands), Hedon
Tu 30.08.2022 Amsterdam, Paradiso
We 31.08.2022 Paris (France), 1999
Sa 03.09.2022 Bristol (United Kingdom), The Lousiana
Su 04.09.2022 Manchester, Deaf Institute
Mo 05.09.2022 Dublin (Ireland), Workmans Club
We 07.09.2022 London (United Kingdom), The Garage
Th 08.09.2022 Brighton, Patterns
Fr 09.09.2022 Brussels (Belgium), Le Botanique


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