Adam Hambrick – The Flipsides EP

Adam Hambrick - Flipsides



4.2/5 Pros

  • Strong songwriting skills
  • Great musical presence Cons

  • First songs are stronger than the closing ones

Adam Hambrick is indeed an impressive songwriter: The Flipsides is already his fourth EP release – within five months. I just had to take notice of that one day – and after I did not review the first three ones, here are at least my thoughts about the fourth publication. The songs have been released on 19th February 2021.


Adam Hambrick – About The Artist

Adam Hambrick, who is born on 17th April 1985, is an US-American country singer-songwriter. His home town is Conway in Arkansas. He went for a career in music comparably late and decided to move to Nashville at the age of 28, initially just working on the songwriting side. In 2017 he started to perform as an artist on stage as well. Already his first single, Rockin’ All Night Long (2019) had quite some success and made it to the Top 50 of the Billboard Country charts. This EP, The Flipsides, is the final one out of a series of three EPs. The first two ones have been released in September and October 2020. In general, Hambrick was very active during 2020, as he released another EP, Give Her a Rose, in December 2020 as well.


Adam Hambrick – The Flipsides – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Broken Ladder

Powerful, rhythmic, a clear and catchy melody – Broken Ladder is already setting a clear statement about what you can expect of The Flipside. Well written, modern country songs, which use elements of other genres to make the sound even better. Impressive starter.

2. The Longer I Lay Here (feat. Jillian Jacqueline)

For the second song on the EP, Adam Hambrick collaborates with Jillian Jacqueline.

The longer I lay here
The more I forget the reasons
why I don’t just here
and make the most of a little time

Very cool duet, which has a nice potential on the dancefloor as well. I also like that Jacqueline and Hambrick really sing together and not more or less just have altering sections of solo performances. Great one.

3. Kill a Man

After two rhythmic, also pop-ish songs which make you move, Kill a Man starts as a piano ballad. There is more rhythm and guitar licks later in the song as well, which gives the song a lovely development. A beautiful one.

4. Sunshine State of Mind

She’s my sunshine state of mind – this song is a love track. The song is again rather slow to mid-tempo. Four songs with four very different characters so far – and this one has a lot of hit potential. Love it!

5. Do the Math

As I studied mathematics, this might be a track to me. No difficult differential equation or theoretical proof, this is definitely more of a musician’s domain:

‘Cause one drink plus another few
only multiplies the “missing you”

Love to listen to this kind of calculation.

6. When It All Sinks In

The Flipsides stay on the slow and emotional side – and When It All Sinks In is the over-emotionalized closing track of the album. The song is the kind of modern country music traditionalists would decline to listen to. But I like it. Feels like Charles & Eddie as a one-man show in country boots.


Adam Hambrick – The Flipsides – Spotify

Here are The Flipsides on Spotify:


Adam Hambrick – The Flipsides – My View

The EP starts very strong and is overall a really good set of six songs. Still, I feel slightly disappointed as in the second half, the songs by Adam Hambrick seem to be a bit more similar to each other. Still, Hambrick illustrates his great songwriting and musical talent in this completion of his trilogy. The downside on The Flipsides is just very small.


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