Bad Rain – Born To Breathe EP

Bad Rain - Born To Breathe



4.2/5 Pros

  • Good rock songs
  • Wide range of sounds
  • Great title track Cons

  • Slightly weaker new songs.

I always love being able to look into new names, new sounds, new bands. This one is about the rock band Bad Rain. Just some three weeks before their debut EP Born To Breathe was about to be released, I received the five tracks from a promotion agency. Since 3rd November 2023, you are also able to have a listen to their music – and either to agree or to disagree to my thoughts.


Bad Rain – About The Artists

Bad Rain is a rock band founded in Munich, Germany, this year. The band’s roots are from two former collaborations, Password Monkey and 7Mazes. Liverpool-origin lead singer Dan Byrne is adding some international touch to the band’s lineup, which additionally consists of Veit Schlembach (drums), Dani Davis (guitar) and bassist Chris B.. So far, they have released two singles, both are part of their debut EP.


Bad Rain – Born To Breathe – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 20 minutes.

1. Room To Breathe

Bad Rain is opening their debut EP with its title track. Room To Breathe is truly what you call a straight rocker. Dan Byrne is beautifully leading the song, which is driven by the guitar power. Even when I listened to the song the first time, I felt being deeply into it. Great one.

2. Afterlife

The second song is the band’s debut single, Afterlife. The backing vocals give a great chance to sing with the band from the very first moment. The song is a bit slower than the title track, but pays it back with a lovely groove.

3. Your Chains

There is some at the beginning of Your Chains. The song has a slow and melancholic touch, which is slightly broken by the chorus. Again, Bad Rain can rely on the very present and intense vocals of their lead singer. This track also has a nice instrumental part.

4. Kingdom

The trip to the Kingdom has a bit of the darker touch. The fourth song is also the showcase for the instrumentalists, majorly the bass and guitar parts. The song comes with some potential for fan interaction. Lovely write.

5. Twisted Love

The longest track on Born To Breathe is closing this five track EP. Powerful riffs from the very beginning of Twisted Love is telling you that the Munich band wants to rock with you another time. However, the song turns out to be very melodic and focused on storytelling. Again, there is some chance for interaction as well as a really cool instrumental part.


Bad Rain – Born To Breathe – Streaming

The EP is currently not available through streaming. You may purchase it via bandcamp, dor example, though.


Bad Rain – Born To Breathe – My View

The title track of this EP is a blast, Afterlife is a very nice listen as well. The other three songs are not bad at all, but cannot keep up with that level. Nonetheless, Bad Rain presents a wide range of sounds from rather quiet and instrumental-focused parts to hard riffs and good vocals. That’s quite a good rock foundation these guys can build their following songs on.

Favorite Song: Born To Breathe


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