Songs Of The Week (week of 14 July 2023)

Newcomers and established artists, rock and schlager, party songs and deep messages – I feel that this edition of my Songs of the Week is again featuring a really wide range of tracks. Thus, I am rather sure that there is a song you love as well. The leading track is by a young female German pop artist, who published a lovely recording this week.


Julia Meladin – 10 von 10

This modern pop song is one of my favorite best releases of the week. The song is criticizing body shaming and exaggerated ideals of beauty, which are pushed by social media. Very good and precise write.


Ben Zucker – Stadt für uns alleine

The next concert I am aiming to cover is the Ben Zucker open air show in Monheim, not too far from my home, on 28th July 2023. I guess that this one by the modern schlager-pop singer will be part of the set list. Nice, rhythmic new release by the German artist.


John Home – Blood Brothers

His own website calls John Home the untamed gentleman of pop music. The artist with German and Australian descents presents a very modern pop song, which is majorly focusing on the amazing, characteristic voice of the artist. Love it.


Saint City Orchestra – Roana

Roana is a typical recording by the Swiss pirate folk rock band Saint City Orchestra. I featured the band a couple of times in my Songs of the Week – and it is always fun to set sail with them.


Coach Party – What’s The Point in Life

What’s The Point In Life has been one of the first new release of this week I took into account. The band is located at the Isle of Wight close to Portsmouth and Southampton. On 8th September 2023, they will release their debut album Killjoy. Their alt-rock sound feels very promising – I expect a very nice listen.


[Ma:lin] – Hearts On Fire

The promotion material on this song was rather sparse, so that it took me a while to find out some basic information on Hearts On Fire. [Ma:lin] is the new altere go of Detlef Malinkewitz, who even had a golden record in Germany with a tribute version of Elivis Presley’s In The Ghetto in 1996. In 2018, he released the album Feeling Good, which was Top 15 in Germany. Cool new starting point of his career of [Ma:lin], who is based in Baesweiler near Aachen..


Belucci Boi – Backstreet Boys

The German pop punkt artist Belucci Boi made it to my new release list several times. Backstreet Boys is another really cool song about a new (hot) relation. Sie hat ein Poster von den Backstreet Boys, doch daneben liegt ein Sexspielzeug – “She’s got a poster of the Backstreet Boys, but there is a sex toy right next to it”… Just in case you ask yourself, why the US band is quoted in this track.


Felicia Lu – Bitch

Felicia Lu is a German artist living in Salzburg, Austria. I featured her a few times before already.Bitch is another straight, catching release by the young artist. Congrats!


Anastacia – Supergirl

In the first version of this set of songs, Anastacia opened a block of three very different cover versions by different artists. However, the other two songs did not meet my requirements (i.e. they were promoted as new releases, but have been released before), so that the Chicago-origin artist was the only entry left. Her next album Our Songs is dedicated to songs like Supergirl (originally by Reamonn), which the US-American artistsgot to learn while touring Germany. That’s a beautiful way to say thanks to her fans here, ain’t it?


Timo – Irgendwie, Irgendwann

Due to the two skipped songs, I continue my list of favorite new releases with a powerful schlager song. Timo, full name Timo Schulte, is young artist on the rise. I feel that this single is promising – and there are some cool shows with Timo the next months.


Sasha – 9 Lives

Sasha’s debut album Dedicated to… has been released some 25 years ago. The singer-songwriter from Soest is a really famous and successful artist in the German music scene. 9 Lives features a new studio album, which is due to be released at the beginning of September 2023.


Staubkind – Träumer

Staubkind is a band driven by singer and guitarist Sven Louis Manke, together with Daniel Lidnenblatt. Manke is active as a singer and songwriter since the early 2000’s. Cool, intense German rock listen by the band from Berlin. There will be a new album and a tour later this year.


Arny Margret – I Went Outside

I simply loved listening to the songs I heard from Arny Margret so far. The more, I am looking forward to her new EP dinner alone, which will be released on 22nd September 2023. The Icelandic artist (originally from Isarfjördur) features the EP with the beautiful I Went Outside.


Sonderglück – Alles kommt raus

Sonderglück (“Exceptional luck”) is a musical project by German lyricist and singer Rainer Thielmann from Hagen in the Ruhrgebiet region. The song with a cool funk touch is a nice social critic write about lying and that finally the truth will become know anyway. Love it.


Heino – Dicht im Flieger

Dicht im Flieger is already the third album release teasing Heino’s new album Lieder meiner Heimat, which will be released on 15th September 2023. The song was a huge success for Julian Sommer in 2022 and drove many Mallorca parties. Heino does the song his way. And I like it.


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