Kip Moore – Wild World

Kip Moore - Wild World



4.4/5 Pros

  • What a voice!
  • Thirteen quite whitespread songs
  • Great in ballads, great in powerful songs Cons

  • Not all tracks are catchy
  • "Red White Blue Jean American Dream" is just too much

Kip Moore released quite a series of songs during the last months. This was a strong indicator for… a new album: Wild World came into the physical and virtual record stores in 29th May 2020. Let’s see what the power-country singer with the characteristic voice adds to the 2020 music year!


Kip Moore – About The Artist

Kip Christian Moore was born on 1st April 2020 in Tifton in Southern Georgia. He started to play guitar in colleage years. After a year of backpacking of surfing, he moved to Nashville in 2004. It however took him eight years to find a record deal. After his 2011 debut single Mary Was the Marrying Kind already went into the US Country charts, his second release Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck hit the top of the US and Canadian Country charts. His corresponding debut album Up All Night also performed well in the US charts (not only country charts). Nevertheless, this time was tragic for Moore, as his father died in September 2011. Beer Money topped the Canadian Country Single Charts in 2012. Though these were the only Number One hits Moore had, he was a quite big name in the Nashville country scene now with very high chart placements of his two following albums, Wild Ones (2015) and Slowheart (2017) in the USA, Canada and also Australia. Wild World is Kip Moore’s fourth studio album.


Kip Moore – Wild World – Track by Track

The 13 song album lasts 48 minutes

1. Janie Blue

Janie Blue could be called a ballad, even though it has quite some powerful rock elements in it. Kip Moore serves an amazing starter to his new album here. Love it.

2. Southpaw

I had this song in my New Country Hits playlists already – there is also a cool acoustic version of this track. Even more powerful track about the left-handers. Cool one!

I shoulda been an outlaw
Ready for a quick draw
Everybody call me the gun slingin’ Southpaw
Ain’t no time for runnin
‘Cause ya never saw me comin’
I could be dangerous I could be famous
Have my name babe in all the papers
Sayin’ I’m wanted, by the law and every woman
Yea they’d call me the Southpaw

3. Fire and Flame

Wow! Fire and Flame is so melodic – on top of that raspy Kip Moore voice. Great melody, great songwriting… Just top class country rock.

4. Wild World

After these powerful songs, the title track is rather slow, thoughtful – but therefor, really intense. Cool track, which Kip Moore released before the album already.

5. Red White Blue Jean American Dream

Well, Dylan went to New York
Cash went to Nashville
Mark Twain floated on the Mississippi Queen
Daddy planted roots in Dickson County
Mama’s mama never left the front porch swing
We could climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Texas
Rock Rock City in Tennessee
Rollin’ down the road
You and me just chasing that
Red, white, and blue jean American Dream

I have to say that I don’t like these kind of songs too much. There is a small step between patriotism and ignorance. This one is the step beyond to me. Don’t call it sarcasm. The sound of the song, however, is really nice!

6. She’s Mine

Maybe she’s living in a small town
And she’s taught to fear the Bible
But she’s got a couple friends
That she runs around with
Dancin’ with the Devil
Maybe she’s sittin’ in a café
In a lonely, crowded city
Hey, if you wouldn’t mind
If you see her out tonight
Tell her she is mine

One of the songs released before the album as well. Catchy rocking sound which again tells me that American life is the best one. At least not as awkward and dumb like in the track before.

7. Hey Old Lover

The song is lacking a bit of presence on the album. Not a bad track at all – but some songs are just louder, powerful… special.

8. Grow On You

Grow On You is one of my favorites on Wild World. Very groovy sound, just perfect for a country music dance. Cool track.

9. More Than Enough

This track is going back to the soft tunes. Kip Moore alongside the piano is just lovely to listen to. He somehow shares this luck with many metal musicians who are best when they are soft.

10. Sweet Virginia

Sweet Virigina takes the Cinderella role on this album: you feel like quickly forwarding it – though it is definitely a nice tune. Fun to listen to.

11. South

A song about summer, When the birds fly South. I love the different sound of voice of Kip Moore in this song, but overall, it is not a track which I would see as overwhelmingly gorgeous. It is pretty solid, though.

12. Crazy For You Tonight

On this album, this song is the queen of ballads. So melodic, so lovely… and on top of all that, this voice. Just breathtaking.

13. Payin’ Hard

The album closes with – likely – most classic country sound of all thirteen songs. Thoughtful and slow again. Not my favorite one, but I am sure it’s got quite some fans among you.


Kip Moore – Wild World – Spotify

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Kip Moore – Wild World – My View

If you have any doubts about why Kip Moore deserves his die-hard fanbase, just give a listen to Wild World. His voice is the signature on his music, the album is versatile and even if I do not like all tracks I have been listening to, it is overall a great and wide selection of shows, which simply has to get the Top Pick! banner even though there are some issues here and there. Country Music Reviews

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