Paule – Wunderschön unperfekt

Paule - Wunderschön Unperfekt



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great songwriting
  • Picturesque, precise lyrics
  • Very versatile album

I had a quite long list – and range – of album to select from for my 1st October 2021 releases. Finally, the voice of German singer Paule just caught me most. Thus, I felt to share my thoughts on her second album release with you. It is called Wunderschön unperfekt – “Beautifully non-perfect”.


Paule – About The Artist

Ina Paule Klink was born on 23rd December 1979 in Zossen in the former German Democratic Republic. She is quite well known as a TV actress. For over two decades, she was acting as Alex Holtkamp in the crime series Wilsberg in German national TV. Becoming an actress somehow made her change her original plan to become professional musician. Already in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Klink released a few singles – her debut was the 1999 Alles klar. Her debut album, however, was Paule in 2020. The key track was the opener Ich wunder mich (“I am wondering”), which has been streamed on Spotify over 100,000 times.


Paule – Wunderschön Unperfekt – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Du & Ich

Paule’s warm and gentle voice leads this nice pop-song with a slight touch of folk and country.  Very nice work on the rhythmic side as well – overall, this track is a very promising opener, which is coming with a lot of elements for a catching listening experience.

2. Raphael

Raphael (originally written with a trema over the “e”) is one of the best songs of the album to me.  A nice drive and an extremely catching chorus. Not too soppy to turn into a schlager song.

Raphael mit Strichen überm E
Oh er brach, brach mir das Herz
Ich hatte keine Chance, oh Raphael
Das war der schönste Frühling im April
Oh Raphael

(“Raphael with lines over the E
Oh he broke, he broke my heart
I had no chance, oh Raphael
That was the best spring in April
Oh Raphael”)

3. Wochenende

The third song again comes with this happy vibe – you just have to smile and to move when Ina Paule Klink is telling her stories. A song enjoying the weekend – disconnecting from all your duties and just enjoying.

4. Die Zeit wird’s heilen

The fourth song (“Time will heal it”) comes with a rather dark atmosphere. A track about a split, which is driven by the continuous rhythm in the background. Good one!

5. Staub

Staub (“Dust”) starts rather slow, but then becomes a very energetic and powerful song. A beautifully written track about how we deal with our natural resources. Best lyrics of the album to me.

Welche Hand soll man nehmen? Keiner hält seine hin
Möchte jemand Liebe geben – doch niemand da der sie nimmt
Wir drehen so lang an der Uhr, so lang bis sie anhält
Bis nichts mehr zu reparieren ist und der Rest von uns zerfällt
Wir tun alles schon dafür, wir sind schon fast am Ziel
Bis sich der Staub über uns legt, bis sich der Staub über uns legt.

(“Which hand shall you take? Nobody is offering his one
Want to give love to someone – but nobody there who is taking it
Wir keep on turning the clock, until it is stopping
Until there is nothing to repair and our remains decompose
We already do anything for that, we almost reached the goal
Until the dust is covering us, until the dust is covering us.”)

6. Wenn Liebe leicht wär´

“If love would be easy, it wouldn’t be love any more” – that’s the key message of this sixth track of the album. Again, the picturesque language of Paule together with a catchy melody leads to a lovely listen. This song just stays in your mind.

7. Wunderschön Unperfekt

The title track is almost hiding the middle of the album. A beautiful song about loving yourself. Ich bin so wunderschön unperfekt – “I am so beautifully non perfect”. Strong message.

8. Es soll so sein (mit Jan Plewka)

Paule wrote this song with Jan Plewa, who I recently reviewed with his band Selig and their album Myriaden. Great harmonic voices in a slow, lovely track.

9. Tränen

The first thing you get about this track is its dominant cha-cha-cha rhythm. However, the song about “tears” and about a toxic romance and even domestic abuse. You first want to start dancing, but then you are just shocked and stop and listen to the story.

10. Ein Hauch von Applaus

In this song, Paule is describing why she loves to be an artist. Again, I enjoy to listen to the way how she is describing her feelings – even though I prefer other songs of the album more.

11. Wenn du bei mir bist

Wenn Du bei mir bist (“When you are with me”) sounds like a beautiful love ballad at first sight… But in fact it is a song about denying emotions and cheating. Thus, it is again one of these Paule stories which just fascinate me while listening.

Warum? Warum denkst Du immer nur an sie
Wenn Du bei mir bist
Und wenn Du mich küsst.

(“Why? Why are you always thinking about her
When you are with me
And when you kiss me”)

12. Ohne dich

A very quiet and decently arranged song is the closing track of the album. Was wär ich ohne Dich? Bis aufs Blut kennst Du mich – “What would I be without you? You know me down to the blood”). A very atmospheric love letter.


Paule – Wunderschön Unperfekt – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Paule – Wunderschön Unperfekt – My View

I just love to listen to Wunderschön Unperfekt from the very first to the very last songs. Some tracks are amazing – very often due to great lyrics – but overall, there is no weak track. The only shame about Paule’s second album is that she is likely as much talented as an actress like as a songwriter and performer. I would love to listen to more of her. No doubt about the Top Pick! banner, of course.


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