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Brian Callihan - Brian Callihan



3.3/5 Pros

  • Good musician
  • Very nice storytelling
  • Overall, good songs Cons

  • The songs are very similar, so that the album gets quite boring
  • Album does not contain really outstanding tunes

Brian Callihan’s bio reads like a blueprint for country music artist: growing up on the countryside, doing some hunting, falling in love with the music – eleven years after moving to the heart of country music (and some quite successful collaborations in songwriting), he is finally releasing his debut (self-titled) album. It has been released on 27th November 2020.


Brian Callihan – About The Artist

Brian Callihan is originally from Southern Georgia. Inspired by Keith Whitley’s music, Callihan reduced his effort in baseball and American Football and bought a guitar. In 2009, he moved to Nashville and first became a rather successful on the co-writing side. Based on Spotify streams, his 2018 single Still Got Beer is his most successful song so far. His firt single this year, Broke It Down, was quite popular as well. It is the first song on his debut album Brian Callihan.

Brian Callihan – Brian Callihan – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 31 minutes.

1. Broke It Down

The first song of the album is Broke It Down, which Callihan released some half a year before the album. Very straight country music songwriting: a catching, easy melody, a straight story – and there is even a reference to whiskey in it. Success!

2. Cool Kinda Hot

She a really cool kinda hot – that’s the way to praise a lady, country style. The song is a bit more modern, a bit closer to rock music compared to Broke It Down

3. Same Thing She Told Me

Brian Callihan does very straight mainstream country productions so far. This also implies that Same Thing She Told Me is just a nice, catching melody. Good listen.

4. I See Ghosts

I see ghosts,
I feel the spirit of the little town it used to be
I see the past in the places that nobody else sees
round every corner different memories, believe it or not,
I see ghosts

That’s a song I can relate to very well. When I visit the town I grew up in, there are some place, which nowadays rather confuse me because I still expect them to look the way it used to look like. Thus,  I am with Brian here – and like the song.

5. Proud

I am looking for characteristic, special, powerful, different songs more and more. Proud is indeed a nice song individually, but it feels like nothing new on the album – a bit of disappointing.

6. Last A Lifetime

Last A Lifetime is definitely much more catching than Proud. The song has a nice melody, feels to be a great song for the road. Nice one!

7. Fallin’ For Her Angels

Fallin’ For Her Angels is a very deep, slow, but powerful song. Callihan impresses me very much on the lyrics / story side. You just love to listen to him. He could “leave his comfort zone” a bit more on the melody side, though.

8. New To Neon

I could more or less copy my comment about Proud in here as well – the album is too mainstream. After ten years of songwriting, I do not only expect ten different stories, but also ten different songs. Brian Callihan’s solo debut album just delivers the stories.

9. Hometown Boys

Cullihan and his team selected Hometown Boys as one of the singles of the album. A classic home-praising song – but this one definitely has its own touch… So it was a good selection.

10. All A Man Needs

The album closes with a happy sounding All A Man Needs – a song which is about being happy in very rural and easy situations. The song is one of the best ones on the album to me.


Brian Callihan – Brian Callihan – Spotify

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Brian Callihan – Brian Callihan – My View

When I scan new releases and finally decide which album to present in a review, I typically randomly select a few songs, listen to them for twenty seconds to half a minute and finally decide whether I feel that this album has potential. I loved what I heard of Brian Callihan in that “album casting” – and his self-titled album is indeed having very well-written and well-produced tracks individually. Unfortunately, the album is finally lacking variety and can thus not reach top ratings – though there is good music in there.


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