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2022-08 KölnTriangle Cologne View

Views of Cologne, Germany, taken from the KölnTriangle Cologne View viewing platform

2022-07 Helsinki Royal Line

City Views from a Helsinki Sightseeing Cruise with Royal Line

2022-03 Iceland F35 Kjölur-Route

Some impressions of my road trip along Iceland's iconic F35

2021-12 Norlandair Akureyri - Grimsey

Impressions of a flight with Norlandair in August 2021 (published Dec 2021) from Akureyri AEY to Grimsey GRY

2021-12 Iceland F347 Kerlingarfjallavegur

Some impressions of the F347 Kerlingarfjallavegur in Iceland (taken in August 2021)

2021-04-25 PAD Aviation E300

Flying with the Embraer Phenom by PAD Aviation, as an replacement service for Green Airlines, PAD-GWT, in April 2021.

2021-03-27 MeerExpress

Impressions of my Meerexpress flight between Dinslaken/Schwarze Heide, Juist and Norderney

2021-01 Aviodrome

Visiting the Aviodrome in Lelystad, Netherlands

2020-12 Louwman Museum

An amazing car museum in The Hague / Den Haag, Netherlands

2020-12 Zärtliche Chaoten 2

Following the movie "Zärtliche Chaoten 2" on Gran Canaria

2020-07 IWM Duxford

Imperial War Museum Duxford (visited in 2019, published in July 2020)

2020-07 Arcen Castle

Visiting Arcen Castle & Gardens in the Netherlands

2020-06 Vliegtuigsuite

Staying at the Vliegtuigsuite, a former Interflug Ilyushin-18 at Teuge, Netherlands

2020-05 FRA Airport Plane Spotting (Covid-19)

Parking planes and Plane Spotting at Frankfurt Airport, 9th May 2020 (during the Covid-19 crisis).

2020-03 In-N-Out Burger LAX

Planespotting at In-N-Out Burger Los Angeles Airport (taken in February 2020, published in March 2020)

2020-02 de Havilland Museum

De Havilland Museum London Colney. Published in February 2020 (visited in June 2019)

2019-12 Grand Mosque A.D.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi, published in December 2019

2019-12 Mt. Washington Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Views from Mount Washington, including pictures of the inclines

2019-12 Al Mahatta Museum

Al Mahatta Museum, Sharjah Historic Airport

2019-10 DUS Airport Photo Tour

"Photo Tour" of Dusseldorf Airport

2019-09 Flying to Barra

Flight from Glasgow to Barra with Loganair, September 2019

2019-09 Barra (Tour)

A Day on Barra with Barra Island Tours, 9th September 2019

2019-07 Peter Junior Airplanes

Peter Junior Air Collection in Hermeskeil, Germany

2019-06 Graceland (Memphis)

Pictures of my visit to Elvis Presley's Graceland in June 2019

2019-04 Emergency Service Museum

Pictures from my visit of the Sheffield National Emergency Service Museum

2019-03 C2C Berlin

2019 Country 2 Country German debut in Berlin (2nd & 3rd March 2019)

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