Christian Kjellvander – Hold Your Love Still

Christian Kjellvander - Hold Your Love Still



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very intense songs
  • Gppd and precise lyrics

Every week, I receive several hundred music releases (albums, EPs and singles together) through various platforms. I can’t really explain what the exact selection process for the reviews of each weekend is. Finally, folk musician Christian Kjellvander and his new album Hold Your Love Still made it. I simply liked it at first sight (or: listen). Thus, I share his 3rd November 2023 release with you. Enjoy!


Christian Kjellvander – About The Artist

Christian Kjellvander is a 1976-born Sweidsh singer-songwriter. Since the 1990’s until their split in 2001, he was part of the Loosegoats, an alternative country band.  Until then, the band released four EPs and three albums. Additionally, there was a comeback album i 2012. Since 2002, Kjellvander is releasing solo music. Especially in the mid-2000’s, he was very popular in Sweden, having two Top 10 album releases. His most recent album, About Love and Loving Again, however, was his first album which did not make it to the domestic album charts at all.


Christian Kjellvander – Hold Your Love Still – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Western Hemisphere

I wanna give you this and ask for nothing in return are the first words of the album. Hopefully the Swedish artist receives some more on his future tour dates. Being admired fan love and good sales at the merch, maybe? Western Hemisphere leaves quite a mark in my mind. An almost threatening sound with quickly, but monotonously scrummed guitars and choir-alike backing vocals. The album opens in style with a lot of spirit.

2. Notes From The Drive Between Simat And Alcoi

The first seconds of the second track feel to connect to the opener, but the song quickly creates a much more positive feeling. The sound of Notes From The Drive Between Simat And Alcoi feels like a dark U2 melody to me. The song is about the struggle of trying to be perfect. Great listen.

3. Baleen Whale

The third song is very metaphoric. He compares the 2020’s man with a whale who is relentlessly receiving nutrition through his baleen. This “nutrition” are bad news, other people’s problems and are somehow poisonous. The song is in line with that – a very hard, thoughtful, intense one. Great songwriting.

4. Terns Took Turns

Even when Kjellvander is singing about love, you don’t get rid of this dark, heavier character. The almost five minute songs works with very intense sounds and thus also spreads some magical feeling.

5. Disgust For The Poor

There are no light songs on this album – and the title of the fifth song likely makes you guess what it is about. The Swedish artist criticizes the modern capitalistic and consuming society. The almost screaming vocals stay in your mind, together witth the very clear messages of the song.

6. One Wine And Jesus Christ

The album closes with three long and epic songs. The first one, One Wine And Jesus Christ deals with consuming alcohol and if you can drink alcohol without being in constant threat about its downsides. The melodic arrangement feels like a dark and deep jazz song. Very personal write.

7. We Are Gathered

The press kit states that this nine minute track leads the listener to an hypnotic state. Indeed, the mash-up and the climax of the album feels very intense and spiritual. The song is extremely impressing and comes with a scary finale with a stomping crescendo. It is even a bit too hard to digest for me.

8. Dream 2066

The last 7:21 minutes of the album are taken by Dream 2066. The song is an utopia of a better world, which has survived all problems like climate change and natural catastrophes. I whistled as I went to the old town. The album closes in a worthy and dignified style.


Christian Kjellvander – Hold Your Love Still – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Christian Kjellvander – Hold Your Love Still – My View

I am really grateful to receive albums like this before release date. If I had them a few days before, they would likely not make the cut, don’t receive the album they deserve. Christiam Kjellvander wrote a very social-critic and impressing eight song musical beauty – I have been really fascinated by it.


Christian Kjellvander on Tour 2023/24

Kjelvvander is promoting his album with a Swedish tour in November and December 2023. In 2024, he is also touring other parts of Europe:

We 15.11.2023 Uppsala (Sweden) – Katalin
Th 16.11.2023 Värnamo – Gummifabriken
Fr 17.11.2023 Linköping – Platens
Sa 18.11.2023 Malmö – Moriskan
Th 23.11.2023 Stockholm – Slaktkyrkan
Fr 24.11.2023 Sundsvall – Pipeline
Fr 01.12.2023 Skövde – Valhall
Sa 02.12.2023 Växjö – Växjö Teater
Th 13.12.2023 Gothenburg – Stora Teatern
Fr 08.03.2024 Antwerp (Belgium) – Venue tbc
Sa 09.03.2024 Diskmouide – 4AD
Su 10.03.2024 Arnhem (Netherlands) – Luxor Live
Tu 12.03.2024 Mainz (Germany) – schon schön
We 13.03.2024 Zurich (Switzerland) – Bogen F
Th 14.03.2024 Ravensburg (Germany) – Zehntscheuer
Fr 15.03.2024 Schorndorf – Manufaktur
Sa 16.03.2024 Ulm – Gold
Tu 19.03.2024 Fürth – Kofferfabrik
We 20.03.2024 Dresden – Beatpol
Th 21.03.2024 Berlin – Frannz Club
Fr 22.03.2024 Bielefeld – Falkendom
Sa 23.03.2024 Kassel – Kulturfabrik Salzmann
So 24.03.2024 Hamburg – Knust in Sweden

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