Overcoats – Winner

Overcoats - Winner



4.1/5 Pros

  • Beautiful vocal collaboration
  • Nice atmosphere

Through a German promotion agency, I ran into the US-American indie-pop duo Overcoats. The songs of the two female artists have already drew quite some attention. Their 2023 album Winner shall improve that situation even further. Here are my thoughts about the 7th April 2023 release.


Overcoats – About The Artists

Hana Elion and J.J. Mitchell form the Overcoats. They have been formed in 2015, after the two met at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Elion is a New York City-born, but grew up in Washington D.C.. However, she also lived in Jamaica, Uganda and Belize. Her bandmate Mitchell was born in London, but also lived in Egypt, before she grew up in New York. They combine pop elements with electronic sounds and Americana elements. They released two EPs and two albums so far.


Overcoats – Winner – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Want You Back

The album has an uplifting character, it shall encourage you to stand up and continue believing in yourself after you failed. Despite the the clear message I Want You Back, the duo is creating an easy, comparably happy sound. Nice vocal collaboration. The background consists of drum loops, synth sounds and nice bass vibes..

2. New Suede Shoes

Compared to songs the duo recorded in the past (their 2016 single Cherry Wine has over 36 million streams on Spotify only), the four single releases before the album publication struggled. The last song the ladies shared is New Suede Shoes. I feel the song has a nice vibe and the vocals work well together. However, I feel that the song feels a bit too soft and gentle.

3. Never Let You Go

Especially compared to the predecessor, I like the versatile Never Let You Go more. The verses feel thoughtful, almost melancholic, in contrast to the clapping rhythm of the chorus. Nice one.

4. Attention

The increased echo and the stronger flow of Attention turns the fourth song to one of my favorites of the album. The song has a slight touch of R&B vibes as well. The press kit quotes Kacey Musgraves as a potential reference – this song definitely underlines this statement.

5. Say My Name

Even though the two artists are in their late 20’s / early 30’s, they sound so young, so angelic in Say My Name. The fifth song is a nice, melodic pop song. The song feels a bit of thin, but it get’s its job done in a beautiful way. You smile and enjoy, that’s finally the key metric for pop music.

6. Don’t You Wanna

You could say “no” if two ladies ask you Don’t you wanna come with me? and state Let’s do something crazy? The song is again creating such a beautiful atmosphere, the two voices are crystal-clear and work so well together. Thumbs up. It would be crazy not to listen to this one.

7. Horsegirl

Songs like Horsegirl show the Americana touch in Overcoats’ songs quite nicely. And, of course, this oneis not only about the horse topic. The single has been the most successful one of the whole album campaign. Indeed, a nice listen – even though I would rate other listens higher.

8. Green Eyes

The eighth song is really beautiful write. I am obsessed with your green eyes is the key phrase of this song, which is a breakup one, but still has an uplifting character.

9. Better Off

Better Off is another song with a folk music touch. Even though I feel that the acoustic guitar is sometimes a bit too voluminous compared to the tender vocals, the song is definitely quite on top of my list.

10. Winner

The title track of the album is at the second last position. The song is majorly driven by the piano and the two singers, whose voices are beautifully in focus due to that arrangement. Great one.

11. Vagabond

The longest track of the album, Vagabound, is closing Winner. The song comes with a lot of quiet moments, which feel to be disturbed by the drum loops. The latter ones are a bit too present in my point of view.


Overcoats – Winner – Spotify

Here is Winner on Spotify:


Overcoats – Winner – My View

Winner is a beautiful collaboration of two very skilled artists. I feel that the two ladies beautifully merge to one, a bit of fairy-like sound. Even though the album cannot deny some ups and downs, it is overall a really enchanting listen.


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