Tori Martin – Lucky

Tori Martin - Lucky



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very nice voice
  • Eight good songs
  • Lovely ballads Cons

  • Just eight songs
  • Some different / outstanding track missing

The eight track album Lucky by Tori Martin is a classic random find on Scanning for new releases as of 18th September 2020, I ran into the album and liked it. Unfortunately, it was very hard to find appropriate bio about her as well – so let’s discuss her music finally…


Tori Martin – About The Artist

Tori Martin grew up in Fort Walton Beach in Northern Florida. However, her family has military background and she thus lived in several different states. She recorded her first EP at the age of 16, the self-titled one has been released in 2017. However, the bio information I got from her is a bit misleading, as it states in parallel that she is married for four years. She won a couple of of regional music awards and had a couple of remarkable support gigs.

Tori Martin – Lucky – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 28 minutes.

1. Lucky

Lucky was the first track I heard of Tori Martin. Finally I gave some more songs a short listen and then decided that I will go for the album. Thus, the song cannot be too bad 😉 I love her voice, a very present and powerful voice. Fun to listen.

2. Ride

Ride has a similar character than the title track. The voice is a bit softer, the song itself a bit more groovy – the “classic” back porch summer night country music. Good one.

3. Lonely Boy

Lonely Boy is a lovely country ballad – my favorite track of the first three songs. Tori Martin just got a lovely voice for these kind of tracks.

4. What Would Dolly Do?

Without any woubt, What Would Dolly Do? is a central, an outstanding track of Tori Martin’s album. Nice arrangement and performance. I am absolutely sure Dolly Parton would love that track!

5. Fun

Fun was the single release of Lucky. Honestly, I feel that some strongs, including the title track and Lonely Boy are stronger. Indeed, Fun is a playing with some interesting elements, so it is a very characteristic arrangement.

6. Where You At

My initial thoughts of that track were not too positive, but the more I listened into it, the more it became my favorite track on the album (maybe apart from the Dolly song). The song has a touch of soul, is maybe more a pop track track than a country one – but just a great listen.

7. I’ll Never Leave

I’ll Never Leave is another slow and thoughtful track. Lonely Boy stays on my pole position, but it is not a bad one.

8. Sunshine

The album (or longer EP) finishes with Sunshine, which is quite a nice and powerful track. Nice closing of the eight tracks, one of the best tracks of the album.


Tori Martin – Lucky – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Lucky:


Tori Martin – Lucky – My View

Lucky is definitely a good album. Maybe, it is slightly too short. Eight songs and 28 minutes are just sufficient, I would say. It may also lack one or two more surprising or somehow different songs – but it is definitely not a bad one. Well done!



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