Debbie Gibson – Winterlicious

Debbie Gibson - Winterlicious



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice Christmas album
  • Some really individual and characteristic recordings Cons

  • Also a few weak spots

In 1987, Debbie Gibson became the youngest artist who wrote, produced and performed a song, which finally made to the top of the Billboard charts. Some 35 years after the success of her song Foolish Beat, Gibson is giving us her soundtrack for the festive holidays. Her Christmas album Winterlicious will be available from 21st October 2022.


Debbie Gibson – About The Artist

Deborah Ann Gibson was born in Long Island, New York, on 31st August 1970. According to her own statement, she is having Italian, German and slightly Russian decent. She started to record and distribute music in her teenage years already – her debut album Out of the Blue has been released in 1987, though. Apart from the big success Foolish Beat, three other songs made it to the Top 5 of the Billboard Charts and in the Top 10 of other markets like Canada, Ireland and the United Kingdom. In 1989, Gibson topped the US charts again with Lost in Your Eyes, which was part of the album Electric Youth. The 1989 release is also her only long-play so far which topped the US charts. Even though she is regularly releasing music, notable chart placements faded already in the early 1990’s. Winterlicious is her eleventh studio album.


Debbie Gibson – Winterlicious – Track by Track

The fourteen song album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Let It Snow

Gibson starts her 2022 Santa hunt with a Christmas classic. Her version of Let It Snow sounds very traditional, has a touch of swing and is backed up by a strings and drums played with the jazz brush. A bit of soppy, but not too bad.

2. I Wish Everyday Is Christmas

The second song is very pop-ish and has a nice vibe. The rhythmic bells in the background still give the right winter-and-Christmas atmosphere. I Wish Everyday Is Christmas has quite some radio potential to me.

3. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

You can reconcile the origin of this song at least until back in 1764. Taking that in mind, Debbie Gibson’s version of this song, which is especially popular in England, feels very modern and energetic. Here and then the song feels to me that it could change into Call Me by Blondie, then it surprises with guitar chords and a nice violin part. Very nice recording.

4. Heartbreak Holiday (feat. with Joey McIntyre)

Debbie Gibson meets the New Kids on the Block – or at least one of their members. Feels weird to me that Joey is turning fifty years old this New Year’s Eve. Without a doubt, his vocal strength is still absolutely good enough for this festive duet.

5. The Gift

Piano sounds, coziness, warmth, a lot of feelings – The Gift is just what you expect of a winter / Christmas song. Nonetheless, this Debbie Gibson has its own signature and does not feel random at all. I enjoy the listen.

6. Christmas Star

This song has in fact already been released – about a year ago. I like it – a nice swinging pop track, which is not trying to blueprint a kind of song which has been released again and again at this time of year during the last decade. Good sound.

7. Jingle Those Bells

You feel to travel back to the early 1990’s – this pop-ish Christmas songs could have easily been published as part of Mariah Carey’s legendary album Merry Christmas. However, this song is not a cover of Carey’s style, but a  very own interpretation.

8. The Candy Man

The Candy Man makes use of strings and piano sounds. The song feels a bit of similar to the opener – however, this one is signifcantly more pop-alike. A nice song, which is definitely Christmas party-approved.

9. Christmas Dreams

The pop ditty Christmas Dreams is one of the weakest tracks of the album to me. It is neither a classic you just have to sing along to nor a track which is blowing your mind with a smart, individual atmosphere. Average one.

10. Sleigh Ride

Apart from Christmas Star, this one is the only Debbie Gibson Christmas song already known to her fans. The song comes in a racy style with a good dancing vibe. If you need your mood on Christmas morning, this version of the Sleigh Ride may be a great option.

11. Jingle Bell Rock/The Christmas Song

This is one of the most fascinating recordings of the album to me. The song comes with Latin American rhythms, but also feels to be a bit of jazzy. Much better than expected.

12. Illuminate

Illuminate could be a Christmas musical song. Nice drive, but also very emotional. Nice one.

13. White Christmas (feat. with Daddy Joe)

This duet featuring one of the most famous Christmas tracks comes with a lot of soul and canon-alike element. Not sure if I like the “Ba-ba-ba” interlude part, though. These few seconds just makes the recording feel much more immature than it actually is.

14. Cheers!

The closing song feels like a message from Debbie Gibson to her fans to me. Nice song, which is lead by the piano on the instrumental side. Nice one.


Debbie Gibson – Winterlicious – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Debbie Gibson – Winterlicious – My View

This Winterlicious experience is not a bad one at all. Debbie Gibson tries to present some individual style Christmas songs. Most of the times, this works out very well – this is definitely above average if you compare to the majority of Christmas releases by many other artists. Thus, I recommend a listen.



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