Heather Nova – Other Shores

Heather Nova - Other Shores



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great, respectful cover versions
  • Very Heather Nova-alike interpretations
  • Wide range of originals turned into Heather Nova songs

Heather Nova has definitely been an artist who has fascinated me throughout her career. After the review of her 2019 album Pearl, I have put her new album Other Shores right on my list of reviews when I heard of the release. This time, the petite Bermudan artist is going for cover versions of well known songs. The album has been released on 26th August 2022.


Heather Nova – About The Artist

The 1967-born Heather Alison Frith, better known as Heather Nova, is one of Bermuda’s most famous artist. After a while living in London, she nowadays is a Bermuda resident again. She has been very successful in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I added some more bio information to my Pearl review.


Heather Nova – Other Shores – Track by Track

The thirteen song alum lasts 47 minutes.

1. Waiting For A Girl Like You

Writing this review on the way to my favorite musical Rock of Ages, where this song is played as well gives me a great first step into the world of Other Shores. However, while a very fun and rocking version is waiting for me tonight, Heather Nova is going for the compete opposite. This Foreigner song has likely been turned this beautifully into a piano ballad. And Heather’s voice is the perfect vocal match. Love it!

2. Jealous Guy

The album moves from Foreigner to a John Lennon original, from the piano to some slow acoustic guitar chords with some cello backing. But there is one constant, Heather Nova and her beautiful voice. Lovely second track

3. Stayin’ Alive

I told you in the Songs of my Life about Juliet, how much I admire Robin Gibb. Thus, Heather Nova hits another song which is a perfect fit to my taste of music. I might also be more critical while listening to these songs. But the Bermudian does not give me any reason for bad feelings. She is just doing a beautiful version. Even though acoustic, this Stayin’ Alive has a bit of the groove of the original as well.

4. Fireproof

Fireproof is a The National original. It is the first original I don’t have too close connections to. But Heather Nova is just keeping this special style of the album. Magical experience.

5. Never Gonna Give You Up

Before doing the review and just reading the track list, songs like Never Gonna Give You Up made me very curious. How would an 1980’s party song feel in a stripped down, slow version? The answer is: it’s simply good, it works out well. Superb experience.

6. Don’t Stop Believing

Not the original by Journey, but the musical version has already been part of my Songs of my Life. It is such a special song to me. A danced and a cried while listening to it. And Heather Nova’s 2022 version? She is just giving me goosebumps, a beautiful warmth in my heart. I am so thankful for this 3:29 minutes experience.

7. Here Comes Your Man

From Journey to The Pixies. The seventh track Here Comes Your Man is likely the most melodic cover version of the album so far. Heather Nova just adds a bit of energy in here. And she makes me smile. Hope I can enjoy this album live on stage one day.

8. Fragile

Fragile (original by Sting) is in fact a fragile listen. Heather Nova is doing fantastic in this song on the vocal side. Just a perfect match.

9. Like A Hurricane

The ninth song has originally been recorded by Neil Young in 1977. The song feels like a typical Heather Nova song. She is really turning the story into her story. Love it – love her for that one.

10. Cold Little Heart

Cold Little Heart has originally been interpreted by US soul singer Mark Kiwanuka. Again, Heather Nova is perfect in adding emotions and feelings to the song and turns into a lovely listen. Even though it is not my favorite song of the album, I enjoy the listen.

11. Ever Fallen In Love

I had to smile while listening to this track. The percussion work is really unique and makes the Buzzcocks song feel like a piece of world music. On the other hand, this special arrangement preserves the character and dramatic plot of the song very nicely. Very well done.

12. Message Personnel

A very special original, a very special cover version. Message Personnel leads to a very special listen on the second-last position of the album. Nice.

13. Sailing

Absolutely stripped down finale: for Rod Stewards, there is just Heather Nova and quite some echo. Wow, this 2:26 minute listen is an outstanding and memorable one.


Heather Nova – Other Shores – Spotify

Here is Other Shores on Spotify:


Heather Nova – Other Shores – My View

Cover albums can be simple. They may be boring and lacking creativity. They may add a character and style to the original which is just not in line with its message and story. None of these points applies to Other Shores by Heather Nova, who did a respectful choice of very different songs and turned them into songs of her world, of her range of tracks. This is a Heather Nova album, not a Heather Nova-is-doing-covers album. That’s all it needs to be a very special listen.


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