Cassadee Pope – Thrive

Cassadee Pope - Thrive



4.2/5 Pros

  • Nice blend of country, pop and (punk) rock
  • Cassadee's outstanding talent
  • Very unique, memorable sound Cons

  • Just few very good individual track

Cassadee Pope is back! Just about a year after she released the amazing EP Rise and Shine, the former The Voice winner is publishing a new album, Thrive. I was especially curious about it, as you could expect some insights about her transformation from country music towards a new style. Here are my thoughts about the 15th October 2021 release.


Cassadee Pope – About The Artist

Cassadee Pope is a Florida-origin artist, who won The Voice in 2012. I really loved her recent releases like the album Stages, which she later released with track-by-track comments, or Rise and Shine, which I named already above. You will find more detailed bio about her in these postings.

Cassadee Pope – Thrive – Track by Track

The thirteen songs album lasts 39 minute.

1. Welcome

53 seconds of intro. I feel that these kind of tracks become more and more popular in albums. At least it attracts my interest as the snippet of music feels to have a touch of rock.

2. Same Old Brand New Me

The first song is a straight pop song with a touch of rock. Legacy Cassadee Pope fans might even spot sprinkles of country music in this cake dough of music. To me, the style of this song reminds me of some Taylor Swift works like You belong with me – just recorded with the rocking energy of an artist like Avril Lavigne.

3. Tomorrow Night

The album now presents a block with all three single releases so far. Tomorrow Night is a pop song with a country and rock touch. Not a bad song, but somehow, it also does not touch me too much. If you look at the number of streams of this track so far, some Pope fans feel to agree.

4. What The Stars See (feat. Karen Fairchild & Lindsay Ell)

What a lineup – what a good song: What The Stars See with Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell was by far the most successful single of the album so far. The triple lady power just works well. Nonetheless, there is that Cassadee Pope signature style in that song. Again, I agree. Sometimes Spotify stats don’t lie.

5. Say It First

The fifth track is coming with a lot of energy. Cassadee Pope 2021 feels to me more self-confident, more emancipated – at least if you base your judgement on the first five songs.

6. Break Too

I expected a stronger departure from country style songs on this album. The more I appreciate songs like Break Too. On the other side, I feel that so far there is no new song which catches me as much as some previous Cassadee Pope songs did. Still some tunes outstanding, though.

7. Thrive

Despite what I said about Break Too in regards of departure from country – there are songs like the title track, which quite significantly feel like pop tracks. I just cannot connect to this kind of Cassadee Pope sound as well as i can with her former works. The song feels a bit thin to me as well.

8. Just A Girl

Cassadee Pope as a die-hard rock girl in this song – and I really like it. She can do it – no doubts about her musical talent anyway – cool track!

9. Mind Your Own (feat. Stephan Jenkins)

Hmm, somehow I feel that Mind Your Own is not a bad song, but it does not touch me too much. Where is Stephan Jenkins in here, by the way? He just pops up at the beginning of the track. A bit too less effort from the male part to call it a duet.

10. Some People

I put enough effort
I gave you all my nights
Didn’t know under your sweatshirt
Were more fingertips than mine […]

A nice breakup song, which starts with these words. I like the way Cassadee is telling her stories in this album – on the album, there are quite some songs which feel a bit too similar.

11. Remedy

Even though Remedy starts rather slow, it gets back to the new a-bit-of-country-and-some-rock Cassadee Pope music style 2021. I hoped for a die-hard ballad here – at least there are few slow parts as well.

12. Sis

SIs is again more on the pop music side. Even though I feel that the lyrics are at most average for a Cassadee Pope song, the song has indeed a nice groove.

13. No Now

I had to wait for the very last song of the album to have a slow, intimate song. One with acoustic guitar, Cassadee’s amazing voice and… nothing more. Not her best try in this musical discipline, but she is spreading a bit of magic in this track.


Cassadee Pope – Thrive – Spotify

Here is Thrive on Spotify:


Cassadee Pope – Thrive – My View

First of all, I am glad that Thrive is not a complete departure from country music – even though the doses are rather limited. She has some roots in punk-rock – and she is stepping much more into that direction than I thought. She is a good rock girl. The blend of this album is unique and it is a good listen. To me, it is right below the “You just have to listen to this album” rankings.


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