Songs Of The Week (week of 31 March 2023)

Pop, rock, schlager and much more – I feel that this week’s Songs of the Week is a really nice mix of very different tunes again. The leading track is from Austria, but there is also a wide range of countries of origin from all over the world – hope you the posting..


Kayla Krystin – Hey Boy!

I just can’t tell you why I picked this one. Definitely not because the young Tyrolean artist Kayla Krystin has an impressive Insta account – I saw it after I chose this song. Even though here and there the song feels not like being performed in absolute precision, this Austrian artist stayed in my mind. And I love the song, which is her debut single. Look forward to more music from this lady, which makes me smile like Hey Boy!


Masie Peters – Lost The Breakup

Masie Peters had a great start in her home country Great Britain. The singer-songwriter from Brighton peaked second in the UK charts with her debut album You Signed Up for This for 2021. Her second album is in the pipeline – the feature single feels promising. A good pop song with an own character and good storytelling.


Charlie Puth feat. Dan + Shay – That’s How This Works

The New Jersey pop artist meets the country-pop duo – the result of this US-American collaboration is a really catching and groovy pop track with a modern touch.


The Ramona Flowers – Enter The Room

The Ramona Flowers is a British band from Bristol. They already released a single in February. Enter The Room is the second single release towards their EP Hey You. Really cool sound.


Annie Chops – Oh Shit

Annie Chops has a very special touch on me: since her Kiddo Kat times, I love to follow the German artist from Berlin. And I simply love her hip hop style pop sound. Oh Shit is a really cool release with a lot of groove and rock. Good luck for this one!


Maria Linda – Du wirst wieder tanzen

The song title of Maria Linda’s new single translates to “You will dance again”. The song is a nice blend between schlager and pop influences. I feel it is a really well-written track, which at least stayed in my mind. Also a very different sound compared to her Natale das ganze Jahr, which I featured in one of my November 2022 postings..


Kati K. – Liebesbeweis

You don’t know Kati K.? You might have done something wrong (at least if you are from Germany), the pop artist is very successful as a content creator and has over one million followers on TikTok only. Her “love proof” is a really nicely written, modern track with a good vibe.


Joker Out – Carpe Diem

This song will be better known to the world (or at least: to Europe) in a few weeks: Joker Out will represent Slovenia with Carpe Diem at the Eurovision Song Contest. I really like it – can’t promise my 12 points yet, though. The English version has been released this weekend.


Hot Milk – Horror Show

The new Hot Milk album A Call To The Void will be released in late August 2023. Horror Show is helping to enjoy the waiting time. The punk-rock and emo rock band from Manchester sharpened their profile and sound – let’s see how the full collection of tracks by Hannah Han Mae and James Jim Shaw will sound alike.


H.E.A.T. – Freedom

Freedom is what I got – when I listened to these line, I was wondering if I really heard the song during my review of their August 2022 release, Force Majeure. In fact, the Swedish hard rockers are already busy towards a new release. Very catchy release.


The Crimson Ghosts feat. Argyle Goolsby – The Legend of Walking Sam

That’s music originated in Cologne. The Crimson Ghosts call themselves a “horror punk rock band”. They are active since 2001 and currently about to rrelease their sixth album, Forevermore, which will be released on 12th May 2023. Sounds scary (in a very positive way).


Blanks – What You Got (Ayo)

Blanks (or Simon de Wit) is a singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. I really enijoyed listening to this pop track – ain’t there a nice spring and summer touch in it?


James Cottriall – Screw Up

The British artist James Cottriall is truly cosmopolitan: born in Stratford-upon-Avon, he is nowadays majorly living in Austria and Los Angeles. His new song has been produced in Austra as well, where his singles and albums already had a series of good placements.


RIVIGI – He Said She Said

RIVIGI is the artist name of the German-Russian artist Regina Veselov. The song had quite an amazing creative team like Grammy nominated producer Tay Keith – the result is a really high quality modern dance song.


Khalid – Softest Touch

Khalid’s debut album American Teen was a four time platinum release in the USA, the sophomore release Free Spirit lead to an international break-through two years later in 2019. However, it took him a bit of time to go for new music. Now, there is at least a first new single. Cool sound.


Perlregen feat. Ledity – Mood Swings

I really loved Perlregen’s album Drei, when I reviewed it in November 2021. Now the German pop band is back with a really intense and atmospheric new single, Mood Swing.


Jenny Lewis – Psychos

The actress and singer from Las Vegas is about to release her first album since 2019. On top of several collaborations, Joy’All will be the sixth solo album overall for the US artist. Nice alternative sound.


Rosa Linn – Never Be Mine

Another ESC-related song: Rosa Linn represented her country Armenia last year in Turin with her song Snap – now she is back with this amazing ballad. One of the most emotional listens of this week’s list.


Giovanni Zarrella – Impossibile

I am closing this week’s list with Phil Collins’ Against All Odds – or how the German-Italian Giovanni Zarrella is interpreting it. I might really dislike this one if it wasn’t a Giovanni one – he is just too charming.


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