Songs Of The Week (week of 13 May 2022)

While I had to process quite a lot of country music new releases this week, the list of non-country songs has been surprisingly short. Nonetheless, there is a nice range of tracks, headed by the English artist Nick Howard. Enjoy my latest Songs of the Week.


Nick Howard – Second Chance

What a great song by the Brighton-origin singer-songwriter. Nice pop song with a cool sing-a-long potential… and even a bit of a country music vibe 🙂


ela x Joel Brandenstein – Freiheit

A week before there is a new Marius Müller-Westernhagen album, I go for this collaboration. Freiheit is one of the classics of the German rock legend. Here, Kyiv-born Ela is interpreting the song alongside Joel Brandenstein. A beauty!


Alex Morgen – Das Leben ist zu kurz

Great, intense German pop-rock song by the Berlin singer-songwriter Alex Morgen. “Life is too short” – but it deserves to have a listen to this one.


Michael Patrick Kelly x Rea Garvey – Best Bad Friend

Cool collaboration by the two Irish / US-Irish friends. I just loved the vibe of this new release.


James Bay – One Life

Whenever it comes to releases by James Bay, I think of his amazing and legendary Hold Back The RiverOne Life might not be able to connect to that massive success – but Bay is just regularly releasing great songs – like this one.


Maneskin – Supermodel

They are the reason why we all looked to Italy this weekend: Maneskin won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 – after Titti e buoni, they now present their new song Supermodel. Fun track, indeed.


AntiType – Higher Power

Unfortunately, I could not find too much bio information about this German rock band – but their Coldplay cover deserves a listen, indeed.


Lotte – Fuck Baby I’m In Love

Lotte recently release Lass die Musik an – now, Fuck Baby I’m In LoveI love how the German singer-songwriter alters from melancholic to angry mood within less three minutes. Cool recording.


Michael & Michelle – The Watching Silence

You might know Michelle Dockery and Michael Fox as artist – but they also do folk music together. Beautiful track by the British duo.



Juri Volta – Halte Dich an meiner Liebe fest

A track from Switzerland. The track has a really nice melody and stays in your mind. I absolutely loved to listen to that track.


Marie Winter – Schalt den Kopf aus

Maybe not the deepest lyric track in this set of track – but a nice party schlager-pop track by German Marie Winter.


Joshville – Jede Nacht in meinen Träumen

I am a bit disappointed with German artist Joshville’s new release. I scheduled him to be featured in the country music releases, but this one is simply a pure schlager track. Bad luck, he did some nice country songs in the past. Still a good one of the traditional German genre.


Michael Voss feat. Eva von der Forst & Van de Forst – My Sweet Lord

Family cover version of the George Harrison classic. Right while Van de Forst is enjoying her first weeks as a mother (congrats again!), she is backgrounding her stepfathers new release together with her mother.


dezabel – Move

dezabel is a producer from Switzerland. I am closing my song selection this week with him – what could be better than a happy feeling pop track?



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