Songs Of The Week (week of 16 September 2022)

While the last week brought me to Sunderland, Hamburg and Lillehammer in Norway, the song selection of the week comes with a lot of new tracks by German artists. However, some feel really international. Thus, I hope you enjoy the listen.


John Diva & The Rockets of Love – God Made Radio

After American Amadeus, John Diva & the Rockets of Love are about to release their third studio album in March 2023. God Made Radio is the first appetizer. Look forward to more music by the German hair metal band.


The Aerial Unit – Infinite Echo

The Aerial Unit is a truly international project: singer and composer Victoria Hillestad has Mexican and Norwegian roots, while drummer Julian Erhardt is from Germany. I loved to listen to this song.


Stratovarius – Frozen In Time

The Finnish symphonic metal band are simply delivering great songs like this one. Looking forward to their album Survive, which will be released next week.


Ellyster – Fließbandprodukt

Sandro Kallinger headed the ska punk band Ramazuri – now he is trying solo as Ellyster. His solo debut Paradies is about to be released in fall. This song feels promising already.


Juli – Fette Wilde Jahre

Juli does Juli music: A very reliable sound by the band from Gießen, North of Frankfurt in Germany. Pop-rock by the band around lead singer Eva Briegel – I like it!



AnnenMayKantereit – 3 Tage am Meer

Another pop-rock band from Germany: AnnanMayKantereit are from my home town Cologne. They have a lot of national and international reputation. I am typically not that much into their music, but I definitely like their new song, which is translating to “Three days at the Sea”,


Benne – Lichtjahr

Benne (originally Benedikt) is a German pop musician from Heilbronn). Very nice rhythmic track with a characteristic voice.


Ann Can’t Talk – Hellblau

Indie-pop from Hennef, a neighbor city of Sankt Augustin, Germany, where I grew up. Very interesting indie-pop sound – this song definitely deserves a nomination. And some support for my Rhineland home region as well.


Misha Kovar – Immer wenn du mein Herz berührst

Misha Kovar is in fact a Czech artist, who is nowadays doing a mixture of schlager and pop, which sometimes even mixes with German schlager elements. Her original background is being an actress, however. Her new song feels a lot like schlager – but I think it is a really nice listen.


Eros Ramazotti – Battito Infinito

Eros Ramazotti is having his 60th birthday next year. Before that, the Rome-born artist releases singles like Barriro Infinito – a great Italo-pop listen.


LOI – Gold

The civil first name of LOI is Leonie. The pop artist is from Mannheim in Germany. Beautiful, melodic track with a nice modern touch.


Dylan – Nothing Lasts Forever

I ran in a couple of songs by the British artist Dylan so far – and I love her sound in any of them so far. Nothing Lasts Forever is no exception to that.


Alex Vargas – Pages

The last new release of this Songs of the Week edition is coming from Denmark. Nice pop song with a slight folk touch.


Title picture: John Diva & The Rockets of Love – sjngle artwork, copyrighted by the artist


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