Florida Georgia Line – 6-Pack EP

Florida Georgia Line - 6-pack



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very modern country production
  • Mixture of genres
  • Six very different party songs Cons

  • Especially the hip-hop elements feel a bit irritating to me

5 cans, obviously of different kinds of beer (and the six song titles on it), are on the cover of the album cover of 6-PackFlorida Georgia Line chose a very characteristic cover artwork for their new EP, which has been released on 22nd May 2020. Here is my review of their release.

Florida Georgia Line – About The Artists

Florida Georgia Line – or short: FGL – is a country music duo which has been found in 2010 in Nashville. The duo consists of Brian Kelley, a 1985-born Floridian, and 1987 Tyler Hubbard from Monroe, Georgia. They both met at Belmont University, Nashville. Their first release was the 2010 EP Anything Like Me. While this independent release had no measurable success, their May 2012 EP It’z Just What We Do already topped the US Heat Charts, driven by their big success Cruise. This track as well as three more songs of their 2012 debut album Here’s to the Good Times made it to the top of the US Airplay Charts as well as the Canadian Country Charts. The following album Anything Goes (2014) topped the US and the US country charts. Their following releases, Dig Your Roots (2016) and the 2019 Can’t Say I Ain’t Country had similar success. The biggest success was a duet with Bebe Rexha, Meant to Be, which had a massive time at the top of the US country single charts. Also as a duo, they had four additional US Country chart topping singles.


Florida Georgia Line – 6-Pack – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 17 minutes:

1.  Beer:30

It’s beer thirty, and I’m thirsty
I been workin’ like a dog all week long
So maybe somethin’ cold won’t hurt me
‘Cause it’s beer thirty, and it’s time to party (Yeah, baby)

Is there something like country hip-hop? At least this track seems to try to bridge the two musical style. I am not too much a fan of this track, though. It feels a bit too thin to me. it is also thin in time, by the way: the song is just 2:18 minutes.

2. Ain’t Worried Bout It

I got a truck bed, girl, we can roll around it
Whatever’s waitin’ up ahead, I ain’t worried ’bout it
Ain’t even gotta go big, we can small town it
Long as I got you, I ain’t worried ’bout it

Ain’t Worried Bout It is likely closer to the sound you are expecting of an Florida Georgia Line song. Quite catchy and very concentrated on its chorus, this country-pop track will likely be loved by the US country radio stations. I feel it is at least better than average.

3. Second Guessing

Second Guessing is one of the many songs you currently listen to, which have been taken from the NBC Songland TV format. The very straight modern country music ballad is definitely nice to listen to.

4. Countryside

Let’s move to the countryside
Park this truck in the pale moonlight
Just you and the stars up in your eyes, your eyes
Sweet little honeysuckle lips on mine
Tangled up tighter than a kudzu vine
Ooh, girl, I know, I know you like my country side

The song has more country elements than Beer:30, but there is a similar handwriting in them. I definitely prefer Countryside over the starting track of the album.

5. U.S. Stronger

We’ve learned to fight and earned the right
to fly the red, the white, the blue
Through all the storms as heroes
born a lot like me and you

This song is likely like an intense massage to the souls of many US-American people. To me, this one is a bit too much, but I know the people over there love it. No more comment.

6. I Love My Country

Not necessarily another USA-praising song, but more about the country music genre. The song has even references to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Alabama Shakes. Quite powerful and to me the strongest track on the album.

That’s a country ass lyric right there, boy



Florida Georgia Line – 6-Pack – Spotify

Here is the Spotify link to the Florida Georgia Line EP:


Florida Georgia Line – 6-Pack – My View

Florida Georgia Line continue mixing other genres into country music. Country rock and country pop feels to be widely accepted nowadays – I still feel a bit insecure with their hip-hop elements. Especially Beer:30 is not my kind of music – but it is a modern produce and I am likely just too old for it. A wide range of songs, which is finally just made to have a good party together. If you want to have deep plots and storytelling, you might not buy Florida Georgia Line stuff anyway. The EP just makes to the the Top Pick! ranks to me.


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