Vanessa Peters – Flying On Instruments

Vanessa Peters - Flying on Instruments



4.7/5 Pros

  • Nine very personal songs
  • Lovely songwriting
  • Very gentle, warm atmosphere

Vanessa Peters is releasing music since more than two decades. After her 2021 album Modern Age, she is back in the streaming platforms and record stores. On 23rd February 2024, the folk rock artist is releasing Flying On Instruments. Ain’t the cover already tell that this is n album worth reviewing on I nonetheless tried to have an unbiased review.


Vanessa Peters – About The Artist

Vanessa Peters is a US-American artist, who is originally from Texas. I gave you some bio information in my Modern Age review already.


Vanessa Peters – Flying on Instruments – Track by Track

The nine song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Beauty or Grace

Nine songs lasting over 40 minutes already tells you: Vanessa Peters songs in 2024 are no quick listens. The opener Beauty or Grace, for example, lasts over five minutes. The rhythmic song is a nice folk-pop/rock song, which comes with a nice balance of instrumental details and the very present voice by the US-American artist. Nice one.

2. Halfway Through

Halfway Through is one out of three songs, which Peters already shared as single releases. The song is a folk singer-songwriter track in perfection – the song defintiely stays in your mind.

3. Blind Curves

My uncle wanted me to be a doctor
My sister just wanted me to come home
I might have made a good teacher or a pretty decent mother
But I tried not to look back and I struck out on my own
So many paths that I could take
Well lately all I see are possible mistakes
Staring back at me when I confront the day
Sometimes it’s so hard to get out of my own way

The third song is another real beauty in storytelling. In the chorus, for example, Peter states The one [map] I have must be broken, it keeps taking me over the same ground. A beautiful song about the struggle of adulting, of emancipation Problems you also have much later in life than just in your teenage years.

4. Better

Better is the second single release you find on Flying on Instruments. The almost five minutes song is also having some really beautiful and atmospheric melodic parts and overall tends into the folk rock direction. Again, even though the song does look back to troublesome situations in the past, it does come with a positive outlook.

I’ve spent a lot of time wasted on decisions
I couldn’t seem to make
and kept a lot of feelings hidden away
with others I couldn’t fake
and even though I cannot say I’m free of that ache
it’s better, it’s a whole lot better

5. Pinball Heart

The fifth song does not only come with a beautiful metaphoric language, the song also feels very energetic and fluent. With tracks like Pinball Heart, Vanessa Peters definitely positions herself on the premium level of female folk singer-songwriters. You simply enjoy listening to the Texas-origin artist.

6. Out to Sea

Out to Sea is the “shortie” of the album – which still means that the song is a four minute listen. And based on the speedy strumming guitars and the nice piano lines, Peters definitely does not miss a message in this song, which again catches be from beginning until the end.

7. How Long

The third feature single on the album, How Long, has some exotic touch and reminds me of Hawaiian music on the instrumental side. This does not change anything about the lovely harmony Peters is creating between the melody, the story and her vocals. The song is a heartwarming, soft experience.

8. Hey Claire

‘Cause there are plans, and then there’s how it falls apart
We’re all just out here stumbling in the dark
There are plans and then there’s how it all works out
It’s like the whole world just tuned out

The album here and there comes with a touch of country music as well – and songs like Hey Claire are even having a stronger touch of the genre. Nonetheless, Peters does not leave the rather gentle path and presents another really beautiful listen in here.

9. Wasted Days

I’m clinging stubbornly to the little momentum I’ve got left
Swallowed up by apathy, inertia has me in its debt
Redoubling my efforts
Still I can’t get my head on straight
I’ve got my resolutions and a brand new checklist
That won’t cooperate
I’m overwhelmed by wasted days

After the eight songs before, Wasted Days feels like the perfect closer, melodically as well as from its story. Her warm voice takes the heart of the listener again and you just have to listen and enjoy these final 4:20 minutes as well.


Vanessa Peters – Flying on Instruments – Spotify

Here is the album ob Spotify:


Vanessa Peters – Flying on Instruments – My View

Versatile, intimate, warm, soft and fascinating – Flying on Instruments is simply a beauty in Americana singer-songwriter songs. I am sure the upcoming European shows (see below) will be an amazing treat. After Peters felt rougher and more rocking in her previous album, I love this side of her work even more. Unfortunately, I will miss her tour this time, due to several other dates. The more I feel gifted that I listened to this album.

Favorite Song: Pinball Heart


Vanessa Peters – European Tour Dates

Vanessa Peters is just about to have some shows in Europe – including an album release show in Zwickau:

Th 22.02.2024 Zoetermeer (Netherlands) – Popposdium Boerderij (support show)
Fr 23.02.2024 Zwickau (Germany) – Liederbuch Zwickau e.V.
Sa 24.02.2024 Obergurig – KesselhausLAGER Singwitz
Su 25.02.2024 Gerbstedt – Lochwitzer Aller-ei (solo acoustic)
Tu 19.03.2024 Deventer (Netherlands) – Theater Fazant (acoustic)
We 20.03.2024 Hagen (Teutoburger Wald, Germany) – Gaststätte Stock
Th 21.03.2024 Frankfurt – Brotfabrik
Fr 22.03.2024 Stuttgart – Laboratorium


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