Sleazy – Back on Track

Sleazy - Back on Track



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice classic hard rock sound
  • Good range of songs
  • Some really nice tracks Cons

  • Some weaker spots as well

Actually, we never stopped playing are the first words to the press notes to Back on Track, the comeback album of the hard rock band Sleazy from Rheinland-Palatinate in Germany. No mater how you name it, the band played their last shows 25 years ago, in 1998. Now they are back with a nine track album. Unfortunately, there has been some confusion about the release of the album, which felt having been released between 14th or 18th August 2023 – my press notes state the 1st September 2023 as release date, which is definitely wrong.


Sleazy – About the Artists

The band Sleazy formed in 1989 in Kaiserslautern. All the band members have been experienced musicians in other bands of the hard rock and heavy metal scene. They released two albums, Wipe Out in 1992 and Big A…. in 1996. During that time, they were very active on stage and played domestc as well as international shows. The 2023 band lineup is Markus Dillenkofer (bass, backing vocals), Dietmar Dee Polz (vocals, guitar), Dirk Bayer (guitar) and Hans Krämer (drums).


Sleazy – Back on Track – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 38 minutes

1. Powertrain

Powertrain is the opener of the album. Regarding the press notes, this also seems to have been the track which motivated the band to record a full album. I felt that the song does not start too promising, but the the simple chorus stays in your mind and comes with nice work on the guitar side. Good one.

2. Last Shirt

After the rather melodic opener, Last Shirt is harder and dirtier. The song is a cool one for a road trip – at least when you don’t care too much about speed limits, as this second track has quite some energy. I really enjoy the bridge, which is introducing a nice bluesy groove section.

3. Gambling Man

The Gambling Man is one of two songs, which are longer than five minutes. The song continues the blues rock element of the song. I like the instrumental part of this one, even though the song as such does not catch me as much as other songs of the album.

4. Babylon

The 3:17 minutes Babylon is shorter and faster. The song does not have too much of a variety, but the speed and the stomping, almost mechanically feeling Straight out to Babylon just hammers right inside your rock lovers heart. Cool one.

5. Fear Of Heights

Fear Of Heights is not only the song in the center of the album, it is my favorite one as well. I love the melodic, hymnic style of it. Nonetheless, Sleazy allows their guitars to march forward,, which leads to a great classic rock feeling.

6. Exit Ahead

Exit Ahead is another classic hard rock song. Good lyrics, good guitar work, pumping drums. A straight recording, which likely has much more potential when played live on stage.

7. Mother

That”s the way rockers say farewell to their mother. The song does not leave that much of a mark on the melodic side, but is therefor one of the emotional highlights of Back on Track. Nice.

8. Paradoxical

Paradoxical is rather slow, but has a nice groove, especially during and around the chorus. Solid strumming hard rock, which makes you move to the music. I feel that the chorus has more potential.

9. Back on Track

The album closes with the title track, which is also one of the best songs in here. Another song which feels to be made for a cool countryside road trip. One of my favorites.


Sleazy – Back on Track – Spotify

Here is Back on Track on Spotify:


Sleazy – Back on Track – My View

I have to admit that I did not know the band in the 1990’s. But it is definitely fun listening to them in 2023. Tha album got some nice highlights and is overall a nice and straight hard rock recording. Not a must-listen, but a very reliable one.

Favorite Track: Fear Of Heights


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