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Louisa Specht - Karussell



4.3/5 Pros

  • Beautiful writes
  • Very picturesque language

The German word Liedermacher can likely most precisely translated as “balladeer”. The literal translation would be song maker. Louisa Specht is naming herself to be a “Liedermacher”. In her debut EP Karussell, she is trying to persuade us that she is able to “make” great songs. Release date is 26th August 2022.



Louisa Specht – About The Artist

Louisa Specht is an Austrian artist from Vienna. She started to do music very early and learned to play the violin at the age of six. Later, she started to write own songs and later studied singing in jazz and pop music. She is nowadays part of the label of Konstantin Wecker, who is really famous in German speaking countries.


Louisa Specht – Karussell – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Betrunken

The opener has been released before the EP. However, there is just a live session video of Betrunken (“Drunk”). The song is comparably short, just 2:33 minutes, and introduces with piano chords. Later, slight drums and strings are added tot he song. Beautiful listen, which creates a lovely storytelling atmosphere.

2. Zirkus

Zirkus (“Circus”) is funny song with a accentuated, happy rhythm song. It start with Specht describing how she is on stage. While people feel to explore and watch her, she is describing how in fact watching at her audience, telling what they are thinking. Philistine thoughts, rather caring about how things look like from outside than whether it is sensible. Her last words are Sei doch froh und lasst die Ignoranz beiseite, kein Teil der dritten Welt zu sein. “Be happy and stop the ignorance being no part of the third world”. That’s a strong one.

3. Sommer

These 3:43 minute takes us to the “Summer”. Denn heut’ will ich die Welt probieren, denn heut’ will ich die Welt spüren – “Because today I want to try out the world, Because today I want to feel the world”. The Austrian lady is working beautifully with words, creating nice metaphors. This melody rather feels like a jazz track.

4. Karussell

This track has finally been the reason which made me run into the music of Louisa Specht. Lovely lyrics, which again beautifully describe feelings and situations. Karussell rather feels like a slow folk music track.

5. Einmal

The closing song Einmal (“Once”) lasts over five minutes. The song beautifully describes how a woman is leaving all old structures and habits behind, being free and ready for a new life. Sie wird neue Ufer sehen – “She will see new shores”. Very nice listen with a folk-pop touch.


Louisa Specht – Karussell – Spotify

Here is Karussell on Spotify:


Louisa Specht – Karussell – My View

Karussell is indeed a beautiful EP. I love the way how Louisa Specht is telling stories, sharing thoughts and emotions. Even though there might be a bit of a similar sound at first sight – the more I listened to the album, the more I discovered new aspects of it and started to love it. Thumbs up, great debut!


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