miu – Corona Tapes EP

miu - Corona Tapes



4.4/5 Pros

  • Five really nice and different songs
  • Good mood and deeper moment songs
  • Great voice

Scanning the new releases as of 28th August 2020, I ran into the Hamburg-based band miu. The gained quite some popularity during the last years, especially in their home region. Their current new EP is called Corona Tapes. I loved it!


miu – About The Artist

miu is as the artist name of the Hamburg, Germany, artist Nina Graf as well as her band. In parallel to her stage career, she is teaching at the Hamburg School of Music. She started to play quite prominent gigs in and around Hamburg in 2013. The most special gig was likely her concert in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie (Elbe Philharmonic Hall). She already released three albums with her band: Watercoloured Borderlines was released in 2015, Leaf in 2017 and Retro Soul, which has been supported by crowdfunding, in 2019. The latter even had a short one-week appearance in the German charts.


miu – Corona Tapes – Track by Track

The EP contains seven tracks and lasts 19 minutes. Two of the tracks are rather intermission tracks, though.

1. Everybody Dances but Me

The EP starts with a nice and happy Eurodance track. Everybody Dances but Me spreads happy vibes, summer feelings. Music that makes me smile. Good starter – and, to be honest, the track which made me really curious about the whole EP.

2. Spam

The second track on the EP, Spam, is having its own sound, but still spreading the same emotions. All I get is spam, spam, spam, spam… Smiling while listening.

3,. Yoko Ono

Yoko One is an interlude which connects to the lyrics of Spam.

4. Mount Stupid

Mount Stupid feels much more like a soul song, it even reminds me of funk. Third “proper” song on the EP – and the third track I like. Very powerful.

5. Chocolate Santa

In a time of the year, where you have the first Christmas single releases in the US already, there cannot be something bad about a Chocolate Santa. The song definitely as a romantic season touch, a very slow, souly, emotional one.

6. Corona Blues

I got too much time, baby… The Corona Blues is the second intermission track. At least made me smile the first time I listened to these 34 seconds.

7. Stuck

After the blues, there are some happy vibes – at least, Stuck starts with whistling. Just miu and the acoustic guitar. The song reminds me of these singers you sometimes have in higher class bars – which also means that I love her way of singing. While the song stays in that very intimate atmosphere, it get some more power in the final minute. Still: home made, well done.


miu – Corona Tapes – Spotify

Here is the Spotify preview to Corona Tapes:


miu – Corona Tapes – My View

Corona Tapes takes me on a trip to the land of miu – an artist, who I have not been familiar been with yet. To make the story short: it is a really good trip with her. The five states (and the two short breaks) reflect quite a range of sounds – and any of them is really good and fun to listen. Thus, there is no doubt – we are in the Top Pick! ranges here. Very well done! in Hamburg

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