Songs Of The Week (week of 27 January 2023)

This weekend was really difficult for me to plan ahead. With the ISTAF Indoor in Dusseldorf, I had a fixed sports event in my schedule. The photo pass for the Kane Brown show in Cologne came rather late, so that I was not sure how many slots I got for album and EP reviews. The selection for the Songs of the Weekthough, went very straight – and there are some really great songs in there. Starting with a ballad this time – hope you like it!


Henry Moodie – Drunk Text

Henry Moodie is one of the rising artists from Great Britain. His songs already reached 45 million streams worldwide, he was also among the Top 10 artists on TikTok from his country. The song drunk text is about a long-distance relationship. What a beautiful write.


Ruel – Must Be Nice

Ruel is also a British artist – however, he is having an Australian passport as well. Must Be Nice is a single release towards 4th Wall. His debut album will be published on 3rd March 2023. Lovely ballad.


Somdev Devvarman – Man With The Gun

If you know Somdev, you are likely rather a tennis fan than a music fan. Devvarman was one of the most successful singles player for India in recent times – now he is finally pursuing a career in music (apart from some other things) and released two songs this week. The second one, Man With The Gun, is even more beautiful than Something More Real in my point of view. I loved Somdev as a sportsman, but he is a great guy in the recording studio as well. The song is unfortunately not available on Spotify.


Markus Siebert – Ich Folge Dir

I was already about to skip the pop track by the German artist from Hamburg… But this voice, this atmosphere is just too catching. The song title translates to “I follow you”. Very nice write and an amazing vocal component.


The Kid Laroi – Love Again

Music from Down Under: I featured The Kid Laroi already a few times – and Love Again underlines, why this Sydney artist simply deserves it. A great voice, a six-string… and a bit more… make me smile.


Matthew Mole – Countryside

This edition of Songs of the Week stays at the Southern Hemisphere for another song – Matthew Mole is an artist from South Africa. The song is a nice folk-pop blend and the press kit states that he is going for “something big” this year. Let’s see!


Alexander Jahnke – So Leicht

Alexander Jahnke is a German pop artist from Lehrte near Hanover. He became famous in Germany as 2017 finalist of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the local equivalent to American Idol. So far, he just had one chart entry – So leicht could change it. Great voice.


Michael Sommerfeld – Warum gehst Du

The next songs head towards the German schlager genre. Michael Sommerfeld is doing nice disco-fox pop songs with a strong flavor of the good, old 1980’s. Interestingly, he is a Belgian-German artist.


Rosa Weiss – Tausend Mal

Rosa Weiss is a rather new name in the schlager business. The Northern German released a straight dance schlager song this week. It is a good catch to start moving to the rhythm. Good chorus.


Henry and the Water – Cloud 99

Born in Frankfurt, grown up in Erfurt in Thuringia – Henry and the Water grew the last years on social media and the streaming platforms. Cloud 99 is a feelgood pop song with a nice summer vibe.


Loua – Game Over

Music from my home town CologneGame Over is a nice song somewhere between schlager and modern German pop songs. Dir ist schon klar, hier ist Game Over – “You are aware of that here is Game Over?”. I don’t feel that it is Game Over for her already.


Masie Peters – Body Better

Masie Peters had massive success last year with songs like Not Another Rockstar. The pop artist sold out tours, supported big names of the business like Ed Sheeran had millions of streams on the respective platforms. Body Better feels like another really good one by the artist from Brighton, England.


Lowes – Game of Love

Another British act: the electro-pop trio Lowes relwase their new song, Game of Love. Very straight song with a lot of airplay potential. Great one.


Arxx – Ride Or Die

My list of new releases gets more rocking now. The indie-rock duo Arxx is – by the way – from Brighton as well. On 31st March 2023, they will release their debut album Ride or Die. This release already feels very promising.


Ghost & Def Leppard feat. Joe Elliott – Spillways

Swedish hard rock meets the British hard rock legends. This just has to lead to a good song, doesn’t it? It does! It rocks in a fantastic way.


John Diva & The Rockets of Love – Runaway Train

Unfortunately, I am rather busy when John Diva & the Rockets of Love tour Germany from March to May this year. The more, I am looking forward to the new album by the hair metal / glam metal band from San Diego, which is nowadays rather based in Germany than on the other side of the big blue water. The Big Easy is about to be released on 17th March 2023.


Halflives – Everybody knows it

The roots of Halflives are in Modena in Italy, but the band is nowadays based in Paris, France. The trio around singer Linda Battilani is producing catching and modern alternative rock – and that’s exactly what Everybody knows it is like.


Björn Paulsen – Goodbye

The press information to this song calls Björn Paulsen a “Nordic pop poet”. I feel it is a good description. A great German rock-pop track, which feel like German rock classics like Klaus Lage as well as the folk-ish touch of music from the German coast.


Andreas Kümmert – Leave the Radio on

Rock and a huge touch of blues. Germany fell in love with Andreas Kümmert when he competed at the domestic version of The Voice, we have been confused and felt afraid about him when he declined to compete at the Eurovision Song Contest Finals 2015. Stories which happened long ago. But his amazing voice and his great music stays. No song could close this posting better than Leave the Radio on.



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