Beatrice Egli – Alles Was Du Brauchst

Beatrice Egli - Alles Was Du Brauchst



4.6/5 Pros

  • The outstanding "Leise Lieder" track
  • A quite long (16 songs), very widespread album
  • Very authentic-feeling songs Cons

  • Some weaker tracks

From a TV talent show to the top of the charts: Beatrice Egli definitely took profit of winning the tenth season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (equivalent to American Idol) in 2013. Alles Was Du Brauchst is already the tenth studio album of the Swiss artist. The schlager songs will be released on 27th August 2021.


Beatrice Egli – About The Artist

Beatrice Margerite Egli was born on 21st June 1988 in Lachen, Schwyz, Switzerland. She started singing more professionally in teenage years. Her first release was the 2007 album Sag mir wo wohnen die Engel, which has been a collaboration with the Swiss schlager icon and Eurovision Song Contest participant Lys Assia. One year later, Egli released Wenn der Himmel es so will. Neither of the albums placed in the charts. These albums have also been released under the artist name Beatrice. Her third album Feuer und Flamme, released in 2011, did not sell too well. However, then there was DSDS (how Deutschland sucht den Superstar is typically abbreviated). In only one of the nine live TV shows, Egli did not receive the highest share of votes. This initially boosted Feuer und Flamme, which finally even had a golden record in Austria.

But of course, her first album right after the TV appearance, Glücksgefühle was a massive seller. It had double platinum status in Germany and Austria and platinum and chart-topper in her home country. The single Mein Herz topped the charts in all three countries It is the only big single charts success since today, though) She had a massive presence in the record stores, releasing Pure Lebensfreude the same year and Bis hierhier und nicht weiter in October 2014. After DSDS, only the 2016 album Kick im Augenblick did not make it to the top of the Swiss charts. All albums until her previous one, Natürlich! in 2019, had very good placements in all three major German-speaking countries.


Beatrice Egli – Alles Was Du Brauchst – Track by Track

The 16 track album lasts 54 minutes. There is also a Deluxe version, which includes twelve additional remix versions.

1. Alles was du brauchst

It just cannot be a bad choice to start the album with a smile. The title track is a feelgood schlager pop track with a clear message – “You’re all you need”. Good first tunes of the album.

2. Kein Wenn und kein Aber

The second track is a classic schlager track: electronic background disco fox which feels like a melody used a thousand times before and lyrics full of love and romance. Schlager fans will definitely like it – for me it is a bit too much schlager-stereotype.

3. Samstagnacht

Samstagnacht (“Saturday”) is a kind of Beatrice Egli track how I rather like it. Back to party, her strong vocals presence and the rhythm of the melody are driving the song. It just makes you move – and also forget that the lyrics are actually not too deep:

Samstagnacht das wird heut’ riesengroß
Zurück ins Lеben, es geht wiеder los
Samstagnacht ich will euch wiedersehen
Und wir feiern, feiern, bis es hell wird

“Saturday Night, this will be really huge today,
Back to life, it is starting again
Saturday Night, I want to see you again
and we party, party until there is light again.”

4. Jedes Mal

But then, there these moments on Alles was Du brauchst like Jedes Mal (“Every time”). Intimate, private, sometimes even biographic songs with a deeper message. 3:35 minutes of reflection, piano, violins and Beatrice Egli. Songs like this one turn the album into something special.

5. Ganz egal

Ganz egal, was alle sagen
Ganz egal, wer dich grad disst
Komm steh auf, geh raus und zeig dich
Schau dich an, wie schön du bist?

“No matter what the others say
No matter who is dissing you
Come on, stand up, go out and present yourself.
Have a look, how beautiful you are”

Ganz egal, one of the single releases of the album so far, clearly states that everybody is beautiful. Beatrice Egli is also closely connecting to the listener. Disco fox, party, dancing, and a good message. Easy choice to name this track among my favorite ones of the album.

6. Dann tanz ich halt allein

A song about dancing, partying alone on the dance floor. A nice about enjoying yourself – the overall quite good and catchy song just feels a bit thin and lost after two very strong predecessors.

7. Das wäre doch gelacht

A nice schlager melody, the song is about refreshing and boosting love, about turning back the time and getting back the energy of love of former days. One of the songs, which makes you feel how important it is that Beatrice Egli is writing the majority of her songs on her own. The track feels relatable, authentic. And that just leads to more fun while listening.

8. Sommerregen

The Sommerregen (“Summer Rain”) in fact start with a rain shower. The song is having a nice summer vibe, coming with a very metaphoric language. Really enjoy the listen.

9. Leise Lieder

Leise Lieder (“Quiet Songs”) is the dramatic highlight of the album. Beatrice Egli describes an unhappy family life from the perspective of the son of the family. The father is beating him, there is no more happy family life – but the kid is at least able to play his songs on the piano. Breathtaking!

Er möchte nur der kleine Junge sein
Mit seinen Tränen ist er so oft allein
Er kann nur leben, lachen, träumen
Und er fühlt sich nur geliebt
Wenn er die Augen schließt
Und aus dem Leben flieht.
Und dann piano seine leisen Lieder spielt.

“He just wants to be the small boy
He is alone with his tears that often
He can only live, laugh and dream
And he is only feeling being loved
When he is closing his eyes
And fleeing from Life.
And then playing his quiet songs piano.”

10. Ich möchte fliegen, wenn da bloß nicht die Landung wär

“I would love to fly, if there wasn’t the landing” – definitely one of the most unusual track titles I dealt with in the history of The song is – of course – about the beginning of the relationship, about fearing to finally end up in breaking up. Nice track, indeed.

11. Granada

A song like made for – in a beautiful summer rhythm, Beatrice Egli is praising the Spanish city with the world famous Alhambra. Out of all the option, Egli is deciding to go to Andalusia. Great choice, I have been there twice before I started to write reviews on

12. Power

I am a bit of disappointed about this track. It just lacks Power and energy. The background sound is quite nice, but I am not that fond of the track itself.

13. Ach wie gut, dass niemand weiß

A reference to Rumpelstiltskin? No, Egli is singing about love and emotions – and a lot about rather hot thoughts. Good listen.

14. Matterhorn

Recently, Egli recorded some songs in Swiss German – and this track is praising the most iconic mountain of the country in her native tongue. The key metaphor is the sunrise on the Matterhorn mountain – maybe I have to go there one day. Cool reggae sound – I also enjoy that she is doing a Swiss German song – increases the feeling of listen to a really authentic album.

15. Oben sein

Da wo wir jetzt sind, muss oben sein – “Just where we are now has to be on the very top”. The second last track is a happy schlager pop track about love and admiring a male being. Good listen, though I am still checking out how to get to the Matterhorn mountain.

16. Ewige Freundschaft

The melody of Ewige Freundschaft (“Eternal Friendship”) almost has a Medieval Pop touch. Strings, bagpipe sounds – the album definitely closes with a very special touch. Great finale.


Beatrice Egli – Alles Was Du Brauchst – Spotify

Here is Alles Was Du Brauchst (in the Deluxe Version) on Spotify:


Beatrice Egli – Alles Was Du Brauchst – My View

Beatrice Egli did a really good one. Yes, there are some weaker songs on Alles, Was Du Brauchst – but the Swiss presents 16 songs – there will be sufficient great listens for any type of listener of this genre. I feel that Leise Lieder is one of the most outstanding tracks of the year (regardless of the genre) – but maybe you got another fave. I definitely recommend to have a listen.


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