Songs Of The Week (week of 26th April 2024)

Snow in April! After I had some snowfall after the Swiss Floorball Superfinals (my coverage of the women’s match / men’s match), I am in Sweden this weekend. Does not feel like warmer weather as well. On the music side, quite a lot of the songs I enjoyed were rather on the rock music side of life. The leading track of my Songs of the Week, though, comes with some spring vibes. Sunshine is urgently needed.


Tors – Still Life

Alongside their six track EP Miracle, the British band Tors released their new song Still Life on Friday. The song is a nice folk-pop track with some really nice spring vibes. The band is touring Europe in September. After their domestic 2023 tour was sold out, this might be a chance for a really nice evening.


Skyline – Fireball

If you come from Wacken in Northern Germany, you simply have to rock. The capital of heavy metal just demands guitars. Skyline are locals and released this lovely new track this week. Of course, they will present the song at the 2024 Wacken Open Air as well.

Twisted Rose – Crossing the Line

Twisted Rose already had Top 10 hits in Mexico and Spain – but in fact, the band with the straight rock sound comes from the Unterfranken (Lower Franconia) region in Germany. Especially the intense vocals by singer Caro are really catching.


Bird’s View – Come Back Home

Bird’s View is an alternative rock band from FrankfurtCome Back Home is a feature single for their sophomore album House of Commando, which will be released on 20th September 2024. Nice sound.

Stack – Keine Party

Even though the song is called Keine Party (“No Party”), this track is a lovely punk rock party song with a touch of rap. The song is praising small town life and typical village party stereotypes. A song which is great fun.


Beyond Frequencies – Eye Of The Storm

Blazy Flash, the lead singer of Beyond Frequencies, is indeed a European person. Having German and Norwegian roots, she grew up in SwitzerlandEye Of The Storm is also the title track of the upcoming EP, which will be released in September.


Black Veil Brides – Bleeders

The Black Veil Brides used to be one of the favorite bands of my wife. However, after a series of globally successful albums, the fame was especially fading with their 2021 album release The Phantom Tomorrow. Now, the band is presenting Bleeders, the title track of an EP, which will be released on 21st June 2024. Promising one by the US-American hard rockers from Hollywood.


Mötley Crüe – Dogs of War

The World’s Most Notorious Rock Band is back. Finally, there is a new single by the glam metal band, which has been founded in 1980 in Los Angeles. However, the comeback was a bit of bumpy, after the band reunited after a hiatus in 2019 and then ran into the limitations of Covid-19. They still sound great.


Lleow – Sacrifice

Lleow released her debut single 1995 in March. The song topped my Songs of the Week as of 8th March 2024. Now, she is back with a new song, Sacrifice. Another really good song with a rather classic rock touch.


Ron Spielman – Beyond A Doubt

It is hard to put Ron Spielman’s music just into one genre. The singer-songwriter does something between rock, pop, blues and jazz. And that’s exactly what his new song is alike as well. Finally a really cool listen.

Ludwig Hart – Journey

The Swedish artist Ludwig Hart has already released two albums. However, his most recent one, Paloma, is already available since three years. A third one is in the pipeline. Before we can listen to all songs of Stay Young, his this week’s release Journey is a treat for classic rock fans.


Falcke – Monogame Liebe

Falcke is an artist from my home town Cologne. The modern rhythmic pop song stays in your mind. After touring in 2023 as a support act, let’s see what the music business has in stock for him this year.


Mirko Santocono – So Natürlich

So natürlich by Santocono is a lovely, touching ballad. There are a quite some exciting things going on in 2024 for the artist from the German Westerwald region. His second album Alles Perfekt will be released on 14th June 2024, a tour is planned as well.


Revelle – Karma

The single release of Karma comes with a 50 second introductory track. The very fine and emotional track by the Austrian artist is a real beauty.


Sarah Zucker – Verlieb mich

This week, I am featuring two die-hard schlager tracks as well. The first one is Verlieb mich by Sarah Zucker. Ben Zucker’s sister is doing a straight, but also rather individual style in here. Really nice one.


Cristina Maria Sieber – Spiegelbild

The second schlager track on my list is Spiegelbild (“Mirror Image”) by Cristina Maria Sieber. The typical disco beat track simply stayed in my mind. Hope you enjoy it as well.


Ness – Frag für ne Freundin

I more and more feature pop artists from Austria. The music scene there has some really interesting new artists. One of them is Ness, who has already looking back to some 50 million streams of her songs in total. In her latest single, she is asking Frag für ne Freundin (“Asking for a friend”). Cool song with a very modern touch.


Anica Russo – Coming Home (California)

Anica Russo is an artist with Italian and Croatian roots. However, she was born in Oldenburg, Germany and also tried to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in Liverpool, when she failed in the qualification show. Now, she is sharing her new song Coming Home (California) with us. A really catching song in the dark-pop zone.

Simon Jela – Let Go Of Me

Simon Jela kicked off his career with his debut EP Safe Place in 2021. In the meantime, the 27 year old artist moved to Berlin. Nice pop song with a characteristic touch.


Hayley Reardon – Karaoke

Harley Reardon ist just about to conclude her tour through Germany. The Massachusetts born folk-pop artist lived in Dachau near Munich for half a year, so that she has some bounds to the country. Her new release Karaoke is one of the finest new songs this week to me. Love it!


Ed Haaker Project & Jim “Kimo” West – Call of the Road

I am typically very strict in my Songs of the Week about just featuring really new songs of that calendar week… But I simply have to admit I missed this one last week. And it is a special one. The wonderful Jim “Kimo” West collaborated with many other artists before – but this is the very first time he is not only taking over instrumental duties, but the leading vocals. Lovely listen!


Sanko – Leere

Sanko is an upcoming artist from Krefeld in the German Rheinland region. His career kicked off when he started uploading videos to TikTok. Nowadays, Sanko has numerous followers there and also had initial success in traditional music releases with his style between pop and R&B. Great, intense listen.



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