Masha The Rich Man – Sheyne Ziere

Masha The Rich Man - Sheyne Ziere



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice storytelling
  • Good voice Cons

  • Some slightly weaker parts

After Christmas break, 13th January 2023 featured the first major set of new releases in the new year. One of the albums published is Sheyne Ziere by Masha The Rich Man, a folk pop artist with Ukrainian background. I had a listen.


Masha The Rich Man – About The Artist

Masha The Rich Man is the music project of Maria Masha Raykham. She was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and is an Ukrainian Jew, who flew to Germany in 1999. She grew up in Munich and nowadays lives in Berlin. She had some intention in German media, when she was a contestand of the Dein Song (“Your Song”) competition in the German children TV channel KiKa. She step by step released the first six songs of Sheyne Ziere during the last months. The album is her debut major release.


Masha The Rich Man – Sheyne Ziere – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 37 minutes.

1. His Rebel Heart

The three minute opener is a beautiful and gentle song by the Ukrainian artist. Masha is describing her music as “Cinematic Folk Pop” – the very metaphoric sound of the track is explaining the listener what she means by that.

2. My Soil

My Soil starts like a slow piano ballad, but also develops rather dramatic moments. Thus, you feel to travel through a soundtrack telling you a tragic and dramatic story. The song closes with a dramatic finale.

3. Safe Journey

The sound of Safe Journey is even more “stripped down”. In  the first 30 seconds, you solely listen to the artist’s voice. Even when some strings are joining in, the the third track feels very fragile. However, towards the middle of the song, a very intense background choir is stepping in and taking a very present role. After a quiet beginning, the song turns out to be a one of the most impressing ones of the album.

4. Forever Boiling

Some parts of Foever Boiling have a very accentuated vocal sound and thus almost feel like an aria. However, the fourth track of Sheyne Ziere nicely works with breaks in the sound, which also introduce fairy tale-alike listens.

5. Uptight Dance

Indeed, the Uptight Dance is very rhythmic and makes you move. The song which is driving by very present flute sounds and a rhythmic elements, shows a very different aspect of the musical spectrum of the Berlin-based artist. Overall, this song is very pop-alike, but still has a nice touch of traditional Ukrainian music. It is one of the most interesting listens of these eleven tracks to me.

6. Galaxy Girl

I wanne be a galaxy girl, drive the milky way to another world – these are the first words of the sixth song, which is also closing the block of already released tracks. The sound of the album stays rather pop-ish, but rather moves towards dream-pop sounds. I absolutely love to listen to Masha’s voice in this song.

7. Another Let-Down

Another Let-Down is the longest song of the album. Again, the song is concentrating on the voice of the artist, who is singing with a high, melancholic sound in this track. The 4:43 minute listen is a lovely showcase of the vocal qualities of Masha The Rich Man.

8. Front Line

The “cinematic” signature of the album becomes very obvious in Front Line again. The song has a certain ease, even though it is very dramatic. The collaboration of the artist and the energetic work on the piano reminds of classic music recordings.

9. Let Me Go

The ninth song is a nice folk-pop song which a rather strong folk touch. Masha The Rich Man presents a really nice listen here again.

10. Babushka Homevideo 2012

The title sounds strange – and in fact, the audio version feels like a recording of Masha visiting her grandmother, who states that her granddaughter is the best and greatest. Just a 1:15 minute episode of the album.

11. Sheyne Ziere

The title track is closing the album. Sheyne Ziere is a song about Masha’s grandmother – this also explains the interlude before. The most remarkable feature of the song that it works with multiple languages. Overall, the song does not catch me as much as other tracks on the album.


Masha The Rich Man – Sheyne Ziere – Spotify

Here is Sheyne Ziere on Spotify:


Masha The Rich Man – Sheyne Ziere – My View

Most of the songs of Sheyne Ziere are really nice and intense listens. Apart from that Maria Raykham is doing an impressive work on the microphone, which tells you very different stories in during this 37 minute album. A really nice debut album.



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