Brian Falduto – Gay Country

Brian Falduto - Gay Country



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very good lyrics
  • Nice playing with country music stereotypes
  • Modern sound Cons

  • Rather short

I continue struggling that Spotify has an own tag for Queer Country music. Is country music really different if it is sung by a member of the LGBTQ community? A rather famous person in the US show-business is releasing his debut album and calls it Gay Country – so that feels like the perfect opportunity to check it out. Here is my review of Brian Falduto’s release, available since 10th March 2023.


Brian Falduto – About The Artist

You don’t know Brian Falduto as a country artist? Might be, as his first singles are dated as of 2020, named Like a Wire, God Loves Me Too and Stars. However, you might know the character Billy (or Fancy Pants) at the School of Rock movie. Even though it has never been adressed in the movie, Billy has been regarded to be gay, which lead to quite some controversials in 2003, when LGBTQ rights were not as developed as today. Falduto was born on 20th February 1992 in Pequannock, New Jersey. After School of Rock, he just played in some minor productions.


Brian Falduto – Gay Country – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 28 minutes.

1. Hottest Guy Here

The first three songs of the album are the three single releases of Gay Country so far. Hottest Guy Here feels like a typical modern country song with some rocking attitude… Just with the different that Falduto is singing about the Hottest Guy Here. I like it.

2. Same Old Country Love Song

The album comes with some really good and straight messages. In line with that, it is not that surprising that Same Old Country Love Song is the most successful release by the artist so far. Let the chorus speak for itself:

You’ve heard this song a thousand times
But this time it’s about two guys
Drinking beer on the back of a pickup by the lake
It shouldn’t come as a suprise
It won’t ruin any lives
It’s same old country love song but it’s gay

Is there a better way to stand against silly intolerance?

3. Big Boys Club

The third track, Big Boys Club, strongly reminds me of Blake Shelton’s Boys ‘Round Here. Again, I like how Brian Falduto is using the same tunes, the same stereotypes. A great way to hold up a mirror to parts of the country music scene.

4. Skip the Step

Skip the Step is another nice, straight modern country song, which stays in your mind due to a catching melody. Good vocal performance by Brian Faldutto, by the way.

5. When Your Home Don’t Feel Like Home

Not only because it is the longest song and it comes in two versions in here, When Your Home Don’t Feel Like Home is one of the core tracks of the album. The song topics the struggle of coming out. I never make ’em change – I don’t know why I keep trying. An experience still too many people have nowadays. No matter if it is about sexuality or any other stupid fixed expectation parents have. Great, slow songs with a nice instrumental setup.

6. Kiss You Back

After the very personal storytelling, this song is rather a happy mood one. If you kiss me I will kiss you back – but I’m not gonna kiss you first nicely describes that you don’t want to be hurt when you are about to fall in love. God song.

7. Slow Down Town

The 2:52 minute ballad is continuing the album with a positive mood. Thank you for being able how you are is the key message of this one. Very good listen.

8. When Your Home Don’t Feel Like Home (Stripped)

In the stripped version closing the album, this track even feels more intimate, more direct. However, I enjoy it better with the howling steel guitar sounds in the background.



Brian Falduto – Gay Country – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Brian Falduto – Gay Country – My View

It makes me feel sad that messages like Gay Country are still necessary. But they are, especially in parts of the country music scene. And Brian Falduto does it with a lot of style and pride. I absolutely love the album – even though it rather feels like an EP to me.


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