Lisa Brokop – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Heels?

Lisa Brokop - Who's Gonna Fill Their Heels?



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great vocals
  • Good praise of female country music Cons

  • Weaker middle part
  • Chaotic release strategy

It is unfortunately one of the most chaotic experiences I made in regards of 2023 music releases. I received a promo about Lisa Brokop’s album Who’s Gonna Fill Their Heels? giving a release date of 6th October 2023. Just when I wanted to start reviewing it, I saw that several fans struggled with that date as they could already stream it since 15th September 2023. It does not feel that this digital release was really intended. To make things more complicated, the physical release in Central Europe seems to be 13th October 2023 (UK is in line with the North American release). Such a shame, as the topic of honoring the big female country stars of the 1990’s with covers and new songs is such a cool idea. Here is my review.


Lisa Brokop – About The Artist

Lisa Brokop is a Canadian country music singer-songwriter and actress. She was born in Surrey, British Columbia, on 6th June 1973. Already in teenage years, she was rather successful in the Vancouver regional music scene. At the age of 17, she already released her debut single Daddy, Sing To Me, whicmade it to the Top 10 of the Canadian Country Charts. So far, she released ten studio albums. However, the previous one, The Patsy Cline Project, is dated as of August 2015.


Lisa Brokop – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Heels? – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Delta Dawn

Lisa Brokop has warmed up their fans with the first three songs of her new album. In the opener, she is traveling back to the early 1970’s, when Tanya Tucker released Delta Dawn. With the multi-layered, vocal-centric arrangement by the Canadian, the song feels a bit more gospel- and blues-alike than the original. Nice one.

2. Come Back Bobby Gentry

The second track of the album is a Brokop original. Again, the song has a cool, groovy touch. There is also a stronger focus on the instrumental part, compared to her version of Delta Dawn.

3. Harper Valley PTA (feat. Jeannie C. Riley)

The third song has originally been interpreted by Jeannie C. Riley, who is having an appearance towards the end of the song. The sound is very traditional with classic instrumentation like the fiddle or steel guitar elements.

4. Careless Me

The fourth song comes in a slow style with strumming guitars and brushing drums. Thus, you feel to be moved back by a couple of decades while listening to Careless Me. Nice one for country nostalgists.

5. Country Western Music Angel Choir

The swinging, fiddle-opened Country Western Music Angel Choir has a rather traditional sound as well. However, the vibe of the song is great in catching you and making you move to the groove of the music. Nice one.

6. So Far

With the 3:46 minute piano ballad So Far, Lisa Brokop reaches an emotional climax of her 2023 album. The song is about an unavoidable breakup. The song beautifully underlines the vocal qualities of the Canadian.

7. She’s Got You

When I think of a small town saloon some decades ago with a female country artist on stage, later in the evening… I think of this lady singing a song like She’s Got You (maybe in a worse vocal style, even though she is the small town’s best singer…). This makes the song feel being a bit too stereotypical and kitschy. But, undeniably, it also touches the heart of the listener.

8. Love The Hell Outta You

After that seventh song, it is definitely appreciated that the next song is more modern. I wonder that Lisa Brokop and her team did not release Love The Hell Outta You as a single yet. The song has a lot of potential.

9. Who’s Gonna Fill Their Heels? (feat. Georgette Jones)

The ninth song is not only the title track, but one of the highlights of the album. The praising of classic female country artists reaches the most direct song (and one of the best writes in general). The guest musician is an amazing choice: Georgette Jones is the daughter of George Jones and Tammy Wynette and thus a truly amazing choice.

10. The Same

The Same closes the album with a calm ballad, which is this time driven by the acoustic guitar. This leads to a very intense final track.


Lisa Brokop – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Heels? – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Lisa Brokop – Who’s Gonna Fill Their Heels? – My View

There is no doubt about the vocal and musical qualities of Lisa Brokop. Her performance in the studio and in songwriting has been really nice. The cover version leave a personal mark. Luckily, just when the album felt to become a bit of bothering, she presented some really good songs in Who’s gonna Fill Their Heels?. Overall, this leads to a really nice listen.

Favorite Song: Love The Hell Outta You


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