Amber Run – The Start (Act II) EP

Amber Run - The Start



3.9/5 Pros

  • Much better listen than previous album
  • Nice vocal and instrumental setup Cons

  • Just four songs / 13 1/2 minutes

About half a year ago, I ran into the British band Amber Run and their five track EP The Search (Act I). On 29th April 2022, they are going for the following EP, fully named The Start (Act II). Even though my first review was rather mixed, I just felt to give the Notthingham band a second try. Here is my review.


Amber Run – About The Artists

Amber Run is an indie-rock / indie-pop trio from Nottingham. I gave quite some details about them in the The Seach (Act I) review, so that I refer to that for bio information.


Amber Run – The Start – Track by Track

The four song EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. I Miss You

The EP starts with I Miss You, which almost feels like a ballad. I love to listen to the gentle vocal performance of Joe Keogh here. Nice one!

2. Half Alive

Amber Run create a nice sound on The Start (Act II). Nice pop tunes with a bit of a dreaming touch in Half Alive – however, there are some guitar chords here and there howling in the background as well.

3. The Start

This song has been the only track featured so far of this EP. Indeed, the catching song is the central track of the EP. I like the way they mix pop and rock elements – and also add sounds like a brass fanfare. Very cool one.

4. I Hope It’s Not Like This Forever

I Hope It’s Not Like Forever reminds me a bit of Half Alive. However, this closing track feels like even having a bit of folk music influences. Nice collaboration of the instrumental and vocal side. Good song.


Amber Run – The Start – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Amber Run – The Start – My View

Finally, I am really happy that I gave this band and their 2022 EP another try: The Start (Act II) really feels much better to me than the predecessor. Four songs in (if you are precise) thirteen and a half minutes are a bit of thin, but these tracks form a nice story, a nice unity. And they are good listens. Like it!



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