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Night Demon - Outsider



4.6/5 Pros

  • Straight, very good metal album
  • No frills straight old school sound

The press kit to their new album Outsider calls Night Demon an “institution”. At least the Californian heavy metal band grew a decent fan base over the last twelve years. Outsider is already the band’s sixth major release or the fifth album after a debut EP. Here are my thoughts about the listen. Release date has been 17th March 2023.


Night Demon – About The Artist

Night Demon have been founded in 2011 in Ventura, Northwest of Los Angeles. However, the US band is nowadays only featuring one original member, bassist and lead vocalist Jarvis Leatherby. The trio is completed by Dusty Squires (drums) and Armand John Anthony (guitars). The band released their first EP in 2013 – there have been  multiple versions of this set of songs thereafter. In 2015, Curse of the Damned was the first album release by Night Demon. Their last album release was Year of the Demon, which has been added to the Night Demon discography in 2022.


Night Demon – Outsider – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Prelude

Dramatic 2:20 minutes of introducing the album. Only the last forty seconds really suggest that these guys want to rock you. Nice, stomping and marching forward track. Cool sound.

2. Outsider

The second song hits you with full force. The Prelude has been the slow start, the trio is now going for the full rock power- Great, energetic sound produced with this straight metal sound. The bridge creates a nice dramatic slowdown, cool listen.

3. Obsidian

The third song, Obsidian, is one of my favorites of the album. The guitars and the bass are marching straight forward. The main guitar theme is simple, but stays in your mind and the works well together with the rather short chorus. Feels like a great track when the band is back live on stage.

4. Beyond The Grave

While most tracks of the album are between 3:30 and 4:00 minutes roughly, there are two epic ones. The first one is Beyond the Grave, which is a 6:21 minute listen. The band makes use of that and creates a beautiful, dramatic plot. The slow starts rather slow and quiet, but then heads for a nice rock groove with the guitar. Nice, very dignified-feeling track, which is showcasing a nice range of different atmospheres, sometimes in a rather surprising plot.

5. Rebirth

Despite the song is one of the “normal duration” ones on the album, Night Demon illustrate a nice, theatric plot in here as well. Rebirth also allows for sufficient opportunities to showcase the melodic and instrumental skills of the band. The fade-out definitely feels like I would have loved to hear more of this one.

6. Escape From Beyond

Night Demon stay with the concept of the album and present another rather traditional heavy metal song. Escape From Beyond has an ear-catching chorus and had thus been a nice selection as a single release. Really cool listen.

7. A Wake

The seventh song shows a melancholic, a bit of grunge-alike side. Thus, the song defines a new aspect of Outsider. I enjoy this additional flavor.

8. The Wrath

Save the best for last? At least, The Wrath is the longest track of the album – and these 7:26 minutes are a nice metal blast at the very end of Outsider. Especially if you like harder riffs, this song will be your epic treat. At the great finale, Night Demon feel rougher and harder than in te songs before. Like it.


Night Demon – Outsider – Spotify

Here is Outsider on Spotify:


Night Demon – Outsider – My View

Especially if you like old school metal, Outsider will give you enjoyable 35 minutes. Night Demon do a straight rock show in here. No frills, just straight entertainment. Just what you expect from a metal album. Very good one!


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