waterbaby – Foam EP

waterbaby - Foam



3.8/5 Pros

  • Very nice sound
  • Good range of songs Cons

  • Very short

Not a preview, but an actual Wednesday release: When I have been preparing for the releases of the week of 16th June 2023, I ran into the EP Foam by Swedish artist waterbaby. It is her first EP released on a new label and is actually available from 14th June 2023.


waterbaby – About the Artist

waterbaby is an artist from Stockholm, Sweden. Unfortunately, I could not find too much bio about her. She is having some music background in her family. For example, her great-granddad was a jazz pianist. In 2022, she had a big hit with the producer Hannes. Stockholmsvy reached some 26 million streams on Spotify so far.


waterbaby – Foam – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 11 minutes

1. Airforce blue

The press kit states about waterbaby’s music: there’s the confessional of sisterly, guitar-assisted warmth infused with humane, sticky lyrics that surface in your head like bubbles floating to the top of an aquarium. I’d rather like to leave it up to you if that is what you feel about Airforce blue. I feel it is a nice, atmospheric, indie-pop song with a nice flavor of soul vibes. Nice opener.

2. My luv

It feels like you shall take a rest after that first song: My luv is a 55 second interlude track.

3. 911

When waterbaby is vocally imitating a siren, there are likely just two options: love it or hate it. I feel it is somehow quaint and leads to a unique touch of the chorus. My favorite song of the EP.

4. Born too late

With the acoustic guitar elements, the song starts like a folk-pop one. Nice duet (presumably with producer Marcus White), which is giving a very different blending of the music of the Scandinavian lady.

I ignore my feelings so I never do the healing
What’s the point of band-aids if you can’t stop the bleeding?
You were born too late

5. Wishing well

The closing track Wishing well partially presents a very wide instrumentation, but then also turning back into a rather minimalist sound. Suddently, the song is over and Foam is finished. I like it.


waterbaby – Foam – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


waterbaby – Foam – My View

Foam is a remarkable, very versatile collection of songs. Unfortunately, the four song collection (plus an interlude) is a bit of short, but the Swedish lady definitely made me smile.


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