Death by Unga Bunga – Heavy Male Insecurity

Death by Unga Bunga - Heavy Male Insecurity



3.7/5 Pros

  • Hilarious lyrics
  • Straight garage rock Cons

  • Could have some more variety

12th February 2021 feels a bit like the Norwegian rock day on A few days after I reviewed the new release Mersmak by the Norwegian band Lüt, I ran into another new album from “Norge”. Scanning the new releases of the day, I just had to dare a listen to Heavy Male Insecurity (a topic I can relate to very well) by Death by Unga Bunga. The reviews of the album I saw were good – and so were my first impressions. Here’s my deeper review of the ten track album.


Death by Unga Bunga – About The Artists

Death by Unga Bunga is a Norwegian garage rock band from Moss, South of Oslo. The five members of the band are Sebastian Ulstad Olsen, Preben S. Andersen, Stian S. Gulbrandsen, Even Rolland Pettersen and Ole S. Nesset. Death by Unga Bunga is doing straight rock music with a touch of humor and irony. They debuted with the Juvenile Jungle in 2010. One of their best recepted albums was indeed Pineapple Pizza in 2016. Heavy Male Insecurity is already the sixth studio album by the project.


Death by Unga Bunga – Heavy Male Insecurity – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Modern Man

You expect straight garage rock when you listen to these Norwegians – and that’s exactly what they deliver. At least in their album opener, Modern Man. Power, good melodies, catchy, good!

2. Egocentric

Cus I’ve got nothing to prove,
nothing to lose,
As long as I’m good
I’m egocentric
When I’m in the zone
You think you’re better than me,
there’s nobody
that will come close
I’m egocentric
When I’m in the zone

Egocentric, the second song of the album is one of the singles of the album so far. Like Modern Man, it is nice rock power, good lyrics, good melodies – no reason not to love these guys so far.

3. My Buddy and Me

Everybody likes you
And you’re my favorite pal
I locked up my heart
But I gave you the key
My buddy & me
If something were to happen
I wouldn’t mind at all
if you were Queen B
I could be your Jay Z
My buddy & me

Other bands write about all kinds of love affairs, Death by Unga Bunga rather topic friendship. Really enjoy to listen to the album so far.

4. Not Like the Others

The fourth track, Not Like the Others, is again lovely Rock’n’Roll with a lot of power. The song is straight, hits your heart from the very first second. Great one!

5. All Pain No Gain

No we are not getting stronger
I feel the pain but there’s no gain
All Pain No Gain
No we are not getting younger
I feel the pain but there’s no gain
All Pain No Gain

If you look at the album cover, this beautifully related to All Pain No Gain, a track about decreasing physical potential with increasing age. Lovely lyrics – so even when the songs feel a bit uniform here and there, they never get boring. Makes me smile.

6. Like Your Style

Baby I’m your biggest fan
I just wanted to let you know
I’ll do everything I can
I’m your man

Unfortunately, I cannot share this song with you (as I could not find the corresponding YouTube video), but Like Your Style is my favorite song of the album. Dare to give it a listen on the Spotify widget before.

7. Live Until I Die

I’ll Live Until I Die – that almost feels like a punk rock song. The seventh song of the album is for sure one of the lyrical highlights of the album. Love to smile to it.

8. Trouble

While I really enjoyed the songs before, I got some trouble with Trouble. It is maybe not a bad song at all, but just the one I can relate to least.

9. Faster Than Light

You know I’m fast, faster than light
To avoid all traffic, I’ll travel by night
I’ll meet you there, at the arcade
It looks a little shady, but don’t be afraid

This track almost feels extra-dirty. Not the most powerful song of the album, but a good and enjoyable tune, for sure.

10. White Lies

The album closes with the very catchy (and again, well played) White Lies. What a lovely trip to Norway!


Death by Unga Bunga – Heavy Male Insecurity – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Death by Unga Bunga – Heavy Male Insecurity – My View

I really had a lot of fun with Death by Unga Bunga and their Heavy Male Insecurity. Nonetheless, I would have loved to have some more variety in their tunes. They do a really cool sound, but somethings, I would love to feel some more diversion from the comfort zone. If you like garage rock with a grungy and punk-ish touch, you need to give these Scandinavians a try. All other rock fans will likely enjoy their listen as well.


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