The Mavericks – Moon & Stars

The Mavericks - Moon & Stars



4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice variety of very different songs
  • Beautiful nostalgic work

The Mavericks are looking back to a really long band history already. This is also illustrated by the fact that Moon & Stars, which is released on 17th May 2024, is already their thirteenth studio album. I had a listen.


The Mavericks – About The Artists

The Mavericks a re a Nashville-based countryrock band, who have been founded in 1990 already. However, the band has been on hiatus twice. Singer and guitarist Raul Malo and drummer Paul Deakin are two founding members still left in the band lineup. The other two members of the quartet are Jerry Dale McFadden (keyboard) and guitarist Eddie Perez. On tour, they typically add brass players on stage. The band was nominated for the Grammy Awards eight times and won the award for the Best Country Album in 1996 (Music for All Occasions). The most recent album release was the album En Espanol, which has been published in August 2020.


The Mavericks – Moon & Stars – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 42 minutes.

1. The Years Will Not Be Kind

The opening track mixes the typical The Mavericks sound with Latin American vibes – you will run into this multiple times while listening to this album. The song feels like a lovely soundtrack for a long summer night.

2. Live Close By (Visit Often) (feat. Nicole Atkins)

The Mavericks worked with a couple of guest artists on this 2024. The first one Moon & Stars is Nicole Atkins, who is known for soul as well as for psychedelic sounds. Live Close By (Visit Often), however, also mixes some funk elements to the Americana touch. Very uplifting track, which is especially driven by bass grooves and the intense usage of brass sounds.

3. Moon & Stars (feat. Sierra Ferrell)

Sierra Ferrell has been recording several genres during her career, including gypsy jazz and calypso. The latter influence can be found on the title track of the album as well. Moon & Stars makes you dream of dancing barefoot on the beach, watching the sky. Maybe the astronaut helmet on the album cover is even reaching for higher targets.

4. Look Around You (feat.Maggie Rose)

Look Around You, which has been recorded alongside Maggie Rose, is driven by a squeaking bass groove. The nostalgic sound takes you back to the 1970’s. Do you still have some balloon pants in your wardrobe?

5. And We Dance

After the previous two songs were made for dancing, the title of the fifth track promises another track. However, the song is slower and is rather made for the romantic dance moments at the end of the night. The song impresses with lovely work on the instrumental side.

6. Without a Word

The strumming guitars, topped with backing riffs, are creating a typical Western sound in this song. Again, The Mavericks share a song, which just makes you move to the rhythm, the mid-tempo drumming just gives you a fine speed for it. Nice one.

7. Overnight Success

Overnight Success is opening with a playful fiddle melody. The song is a nice country track with a touch of rock and a lot of nostalgic feelings. The chorus has a lovely ease and stays in your mind.

8. Here You Come Again (feat. Max Abrams)

The soulful Here You Come Again is the last song already featured as single on Moon & Stars. Saxophonist Max Abrams is a lovely addition to the sound of the band in this song.

9. A Guitar and a Bottle of Wine

I’ve got a guitar and a bottle of wine – the ninth track of Moon & Stars feels to take you back to the 1960’s. The song comes with a nicely flowing melody and a good groove.

10. The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game introduces tango vibes to the album. The Mavericks add a stomping rhythm and a nice melody to it. The songs are made for dancing and to enjoy. Nonetheless, this five minute song is rather a hidden gem on the album.

11. Turn Yourself Around

Dreaming of the stars and the moon in this album, Turn Yourself Around feels like a perfect finale. The song has a dreaming touch and a beautiful, melodic fade-out of the album.


The Mavericks – Moon & Stars – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Mavericks – Moon & Stars – My View

Moon & Stars is full of nostalgic references. The songs all create a very unique character. If you like more modern music, you might not feel too many tracks which make you happy. That’s bad luck, as there are a lot of lovely songs in here.

Favorite Song: Without a Word


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