Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX)

Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX)



4.0/5 Pros

  • Good location
  • Friendly staff
  • Effective renovation during Covid-19 Cons

  • No toilet
  • Nice bar, but quite some drinsk charged
  • Breakfast service limited

I haven’t been to Birmingham for quite before in December 2023. Thus, my flight from Birmingham (BHX) to Dusseldorf (DUS) – which finally diverted to Cologne (CGN) – was my first leg from this airport since Covid-19 broke out. Flying with Eurowings gave me access to the “main” Aspire Lounge at Birmingham Airport (BHX) – there is also a “Southern” lounge driven by the same company. Here are my thoughts about the lounge experience.


Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX) – Location & Access

The lounge is very centrally located. It is more or less right after you made it through security and succeeded the long walk through the duty free paradise. The main square of the waiting area features several stores and restaurants. The Aspire Lounge is not right there but the first door when you head towards gates 1 to 20. The directions to the lounge are clearly signed, so that it is easy to get to the Aspire Lounge Birmingham.

The lounge is partnering with several airlines. Among them are Lufthansa and Eurowings, but also peer airlines like KLM. The lounge also accepts some lounge passes and buy-ins.


Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX) – Atmosphere

I did visit the lounge several years before. However, they made use of the Covid-19 closures and re-designed the lounge, which I feel has been a very smart choice. I would divide the lounge in three sections. Right around the reception, there are very modern seats. There is also some privacy as the space is smartly divided. The center area is the heart of the lounge as it is not only holding the food buffet, but also the nicely re-designed and re-positioned bar, which became a very prominent eye-catcher of the rather slim and long lounge. The center area also features bistro-style seating. The area is also nice for working. The rear of the Aspire Lounge offers the most privacy and some cozy seating options.


Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX) – Food & Drink

I would typically rather start with the food offered – but the bar at this place is that nice, I just have to go for it first. The Aspire Lounge is almost having a full service bar. While basic drinks like beer are free, more intense drinks will cost a fee. My lovely cider, for example, was 3 GBP, which I felt to be really fair. Soft drinks and hot drinks are provided by dispensers at the food buffet.

The food options were fine on the warm dish side. There was a curry and rice. You could also choose from some salad, fruit and other cold options, which was actually nice. It is not the lounge’s signature service, but the food options are definitely fine. You have to state, though, that the visit was in the evening hours – Aspire Lounges are typically reputed to be weaker for breakfast service, for example.


Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX) – Services

The staff in the lounge was very friendly and attentive. The lounge has its own WiFi hotspot. As my devices connected to the airport WiFi automatically, I opted for that connection, which was absolutely fine as well. However, the Aspire Lounge Birmingham does not drive bathrooms. You need to leave the lounge and use the public loos if you feel the urge to use one.


Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX) – My View

The Aspire Lounge Birmingham (BHX) is not at the very top of lounges, but does come with a good layout, a nice location within the terminal and with friendly people. I really enjoyed hanging out there before my flight home – even though you cannot deny some downside


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