Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion

Kirk Windstein - Dream in Motion



3.8/5 Pros

  • Intense sound
  • Amazing vocals
  • Listening to very soft side of Kirk Windstein Cons

  • Songs very similar

24th January 2020 felt to be the “Metal Heroes do solo album” day of the year. Shortly after I had a look at Nightwish’s Marko Hietala’s solo debut in English language, one of my next albums to have a listen to was Dream In Motion by Kirk Windstein, who is famous as a member of Crowbar. After I had mixed emtions for Hietala’s CD, I hoped that Windstein will do better.


Kirk Windstein – About The Artist

Born on a US Air Force base in Middlesex in the UK in 1965, Kirk Windstein is well known as a founding member of the sludge metal band Crowbar. His musical career strarted in a cover band called Victorian Blitz, though, before he changed to the hardcore punk band Shell Shock. This band collapsed and some members formed a new band called Aftershock, which renamed to Crowbar in 1991. Windstein is the pnly founding band member, who played in the band from its roots until today. Windstein also joined and found other projects. The most well-known of those is likely the supergroup Down, who split up in 2013, but announced to be rejoining in 2020.


Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion – Track by Track

The album contains ten songs at a total playing time of 43 minutes.

1. Dream in Motion

Powerful, intense – the title track at the beginning of Dream in Motion is definitely promising. Quite slow, but still hard and a nice mixture of guitars and Kirk Windstein’s vocals.

2. Hollow Dying Man

Hollow Dying Man is a very similar track in its arrangements. I love listening to Windstein’s voice and his very intense vocals. I expected more hard tunes on the album, but I like what I hear again.

3. Once Again

That voice! Also in Once Again, Windstein just blows your mouth with that organ. There feels to be even more echo in the arrangement to me, which gives it a very spiritual touch.

4. Enemy in Disguise

So far, the album sticks with the way the songs are recorded. It feels a bit like “Never change a winning team” and the songs are all very good so far. Still, I would like to have a variation soon.

5. The World You Know

At least The World You Know does not give you too much addition to the songs before. The sound feels even deeper, wider to me in here.

6. Toxic

Toxic has a bit more metal and guitar elements. Still, it is a slow song, but with harder rhythm and instrumental play. Headbanging allowed… I a speed at which your doctor is still fine with it. One of my favorite tracks of the album.

7. The Healing

The song starts very quiet and just with sparse instrumentation, but the guitars take over again and again. Intense!

8. Necropholis

Okay, I give in. ThatÄs the Kirk Windstein sound for Dream In Motion. He chose that style, that concept, now he is doing it for ten songs. Don’t expect a crowbar guitar festival any more.

9. The Ugly Truth

the Ugly Truth feels to be one of the most melodic tracks of the album, even though the melody and arrangement just deviates slightly from the songs before. Nice one.

10. Aqualung

With about 7:20 minutes, this is (by far) the longest track of the album. It is very versatile, having very slow and thoughtful moments, but also the fastest and most rhythmic moments of the album. I would have loved to have more of these different elements before – but at least it is a nice farewell from Dream In Motion.


Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion – Spotify

Here is the Spotify chance to listen into Dream In Motion:

Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion – My View

In case you follow my blog, you likely know that I love versatile albums. I love to listen to one or many stories, but I like slow ones and fast ones, hard and romantic ones on one album. None of the ten songs on Dream In Motion is a bad one. Kirk Windstein surprises me with the soft music and voice – and he is absolutely doing great (even) in these tunes. But finally, there is something missing. Something, which especially Aqualung gives a hint that it could be possible. Still a nice album.


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