The Jeremy Days – Beauty In Broken

The Jeremy Days - Beauty In Broken



4.2/5 Pros

  • The Jeremy Days are back
  • Very versatile album
  • Nostalgic and modern moments

The Jeremy Days have been one of the most important poprock bands in Germany in the late 1980’s and 1990’s. However, the band broke up in 1996. Since 2019, they are active again. Very surprisingly, they again began to record new songs during 2021. Beauty In Broken is the band’s first studio release since 1995. Here are my thoughts about the songs, which have been published on 25th March 2022.


The Jeremy Days – About The Artists

The Jeremy Days are a pop-rock band from Hamburg. They have been founded in 1987 and broke up in 1996. It is quite remarkable that four of the five original band members took part of the reunion in 2019. The most famous band members are Dirk Darmstaedter (vocals, guitar) and Christoph M. Kaiser (vocals, bass). The current band members Louis C. Oberlander (keyboard) and Jörn-Christof Heilbut (guitar) have already been part of The Jeremy Days in 1987. Just the original drummer Rob Feigel has been replaced by Stefan Rager (in 1994 already).

The band’s biggest success has been the single Brand New Toy, which almost made it to the German Top 10 in 1989. The song also boosted the self-titled debut album, which was a Top 20 release. The following album Circushead was a still a Top 30 one in Germany, while the following albums just had significantly lower commericial success. The last studio album by The Jeremy Days has been the 1995 Punk by Numbers.


The Jeremy Days – Beauty In Broken – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 45 minutes.

1. Beauty In Broken

The opener, the title track, the only single release of the album so far: The Jeremy Days feel very modern with a touch of Brit rock in Beauty in Broken. Definitely a nice one.

2. For The Lovers

For The Lovers is not as straight-forward as the opener and rather shows the emotional side of the band. A really beautiful and intense listen, which feels a bit of nostalgic. Glad to have these guys back.

3. Blue New Year

Is Beauty In Broken rather a gift for fans, who loved The Jeremy Days some thirty year ago – or the chance to grow a new fan base? Songs like Blue New Year may rather leave a smile at the fans of my generation – but the song does not feel old-fashioned at all. Not too surprising, as many band members are working in the music business still nowadays. They simply master what they are doing.

4. Stupid November

Stupid November is a rather melancholic melody with some howling guitar chords and a strong focus on the vocal – at least for the first half of the song. The middle part feels like a sound explosion and the fourth track transforms into a rather modern rocker.

5. Breathe

Breathe is one of the favorites of the album to me. The guitars are driving the track beautifully. Sure that this song is fun when the guys are on stage.

6. Lassos Of Love

The song in the middle of the album is rather energetic and uplifting. Nice song with a good melody line. Nonetheless, the song does not stay in your mind as well as other tracks of the album.

7. The Deep Dark Night

The Deep Dark Night with its falsetto vocal parts and a great chorus is one of the most present songs of the album. Very powerful rock sound.

8. Behind The Sky

The eighth song is one of the most atmospheric tracks of the album. You really seem to feel the world Behind The Sky. Impressive song.

9. Tear Me Up

Tear Me Up is a musical proof that The Jeremy Days can do very nostalgic as well as really modern sounding tracks. The album has a really nice range of sounds. The track has a lot of potential for a single release to me.

10. Postcard

Similar to Behind The SkyPostcard does a lovely job taking you to another sphere, another world and listen to the story for five minutes. A mid-tempo listening experience.

11. Lights Out

In Lights Out, The Jeremy Days sound a bit more dirty, more rocking. A nice statement to add this flavor to the listen before the album is closing.


The Jeremy Days – Beauty In Broken – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Jeremy Days – Beauty In Broken – Track by Track

Welcome back to Hamburg! Beauty In Broken is a really good and versatile collection of songs. There is no outstanding track like Brand New Toy, but therefor a really nice and wide listening experience. I definitely love this musical travel with the Germans. Very nice one! in Hamburg

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