David Paich – Forgotten Toys

David Paich - Forgotten Toys



3.7/5 Pros

  • Six really good songs (and an intro...)
  • Great range from rock to jazz Cons

  • Ridiculously short

Being active since the 1970’s, a six time Grammy Award winner and inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame – but still releasing your debut album at the age of 68. This sounds a bit weird, but is more or the the story of Forgotten Toys, which has been released on 19th August 2022. The artist behind this release is nobody but David Frank Paich, founding member of Toto.


David Paich – About The Artist

David Paich was born on 25th June 1954 in Los Angeles. He is of course most known as a founding member, keyboarder and vocalist of Toto. He is nominally an active member and musical director of the band, but his health situation does typically not allow him to play full-length concerts. However, in some occasions, he is still joining the band for the encore or short sections of the sets. However, Paich is also very successful as a songwriter and producer. Some of the artists he worked with are Glen Campbell, Donna Summer, Cher, Rod Steward or Michael Jackson.


David Paich – Forgotten Toys – Track by Track

The seven track album lasts 29 minutes.

1. Forward

Is Forward named after the button on your player? Nothing but a thirty second intro.

2. willibelongtoyou

The first full length (4:20 minutes) song sounds a lot like Toto. A nice blend between pop and rock, very straight and melodic, which quickly finds a way into the listener’s heart. A bit of nostalgic feelings while listening – I definitely love it!

3. Spirit Of The Moonrise

Two songs of the album have been already released as appetizers, Spirit Of The Moonrise is one of them. The song features Toto bandmate Steve Lukather on the guitar and overall adds a more rocking feeling. The sound is more dramatic, the story is as well. Good listen.

4. First Time

The fourth track is significantly softer. There is a dreaming atmosphere, the song is backed by a female voice at the first half of the song. Beautiful and precise plot, which made me smile – even though I liked the two songs before more.

5. Queen Charade

Every song is different at this album. Queen Charade feels very down-to-Earth and has lovely blues rock vibes. Nice rocking guitar, harmonica melody lines – this song is my favorite on Forgotten Toys.

6. All The Tears That Shine

The longest song on the album allows itself to go for a slow start. Interestingly, the vocal part in here is not performed by Paich, but by Michael Sherwood, who has already passed away in 2019 – which also illustrates how long Paich planned and worked on this album.

7. Lucy

Lucy comes with two surprises. First of all, you might not expect a jazz track in this collection of songs. The second surprise comes right after the song, which is a 4:31 minute listen. Depending on your settings, you will hear Forward again, another album – or nothing. Your trip on Forgotten Toys has ended after 29 minutes. You’ve paid it, you got it. For a full price album (Amazon Germany charges 16.99 EUR for the CD and 22.99 EUR for the vinyl). Welcome to the music industry 2022.


David Paich – Forgotten Toys – Spotify

Here is Forgotten Toys on Spotify


David Paich – Forgotten Toys – My View

There are so many so good moments in Forgotten Toys – I just don’t understand why David Paich felt the urge to scam his fans and releases a six track EP (forget about the intro track) as a full-price album. His fans paid his careeer and supported him over five decades now. I just don’t get this fact about Forgotten Toys – which is such a shame. In fact, you also get six pieces of really good music.


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