Roman Alexander – Between You & Me

Roman Alexander - Between You & Me



3.5/5 Pros

  • Pretty solid debut EP
  • Characteristic, dark voice. Cons

  • Too few characteristic elements

Roman Alexander is one of those amazing young Nashville talents, who illustrate the extreme density of musical quality at the Cumberland River. I ran into his debut EP Between You & Me when I scanned the 13th November 2020 new releases. Here are my thoughts.


Roman Alexander – About The Artist

Roman Alexander is an Missouri-origin artist, who is now living in Nashville. Despite he belongs to the group of “emerging country artists” or “big country talents” out there, he already gained quite much popularity, e.g. with some 80k followers on Facebook. He released his first single this year, Cocktail Conversations (which is part of the Between You & Me EP) has already over 400k streams on Spotify.


Roman Alexander – Between You & Me – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Beautiful Girls

The first one is a shortie: Beautiful Girls is a 2:22 minute song. Well produced country with a strong touch of pop – Alexander has indeed a nice voice as well. Good start.

2. Girl Trouble

Girl Trouble is using the same elements, which finally lead to an enjoyable song: typical modern country arrangements, a good voice. This definitely leads to a good song, but might lack being something special, something characteristic.

3. Bad For Me

Bad For Me, the second single Roman Alexander released, is a song about being in love, but also thinking about somebody else – something stronger, how he names it in the very first verse of the lyrics.

You give me that head rush
Body high, keeping me in a haze
Feeling that heart buzz
With blood shot eyes
Stringing me out for days
I know I should quit
But all I want all I need
I don’t wanna get clean
Cause you’re so good you’re so good you’re so good, you’re bad for me
You’re so good you’re so good you’re so good, you’re bad for me

The song is indeed the best of the three songs of the EP so far.

4. Between You & Me

The fourth song of the EP is the title track.The song is a bit slower, has a very emotional touch. I really like it.

5. Cocktail Conversations

The EP closes with his Alexander’s biggest success so far. The song is describing the chats during a date. Really nicely done – even though to me, Bad for Me is the best song of the EP.

I’m an Old Fashioned, you’re a Manhattan
Sitting in a smoky downtown bar
You ever been to LA? Drove across the country
In some car that barely starts
There’s a shine in your eye
Telling me that you might just want me to take you home
At the same time, girl, I ain’t got no expectations
These are just cocktail convеrsations


Roman Alexander – Between You & Me – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Between You & Me:


Roman Alexander – Between You & Me – My View

Between You & Me is a pretty solid debut EP by Roman Alexander. I unfortunately do miss some special moments in his songs, some characteristic elements, which give him a unique touch. The songs are good, but he need to take some more steps with his team to reach higher levels.



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