Nevena – Nevena

Nevena - Nevena



4.6/5 Pros

  • Great classic rock sound
  • Very present vocals Cons

  • A bit of stereotypical songwriting and arrangement

Scanning the releases as of 9th December 2022, I early ran into the album Nevena by the equivalently named Serbian artist. It is her debut album and full of English language song, after she song in your mother tongue previously.


Nevena – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I have some contradicting bio information about Nevena. However, her civil name is Nevena Djordjevic. Under this name, she also grew some popularity in Serbia. She was born and raised in the city of Kovin, where she was also born on 31st July 1993. She was the finalist in the First Voice of Serbia TV talent show. She already went to a Music High School in Belgrade, where she also studied jazz performing arts at the College of Music later. Djordjevic also studied in Boston.


Nevena – Nevena – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 39 minutes.

1. Bulletproof

Alright, it’s Friday night
I’m ready to go
Gonna hit the town
And see a rock’n’roll show…

An album which is starting with these words can’t be fully bad, can it? On top of of that, Nevena is pulling me back to the 1980’s from the very first moments. The time of the big classic rockers. And the decade of Nevena, obviously… Even though the Serbian was not even born at this point in time.

2. Bad Sun Rising

Bad Sun Rising is one of three previously released singles. The song comes with a catchy chorus. Even though the song feels a bit of stereotypical (like the opener, by the way). It simply touches my heart. The rock heart, of course. Great match of melody and voice, by the way.

3. Straight Into Madness

Straight Into Madness – sounds like a good song for the everyday morning commute to work, doesn’t it? The third track is a rather soft rocker – the longer your hair is, the more you will demand some romance while listening. Not bad, but I preferred the first two ones more.

4. Too Late

Too Late nicely works with the guitars, which provide a great background for this song. Finally, the guitars and keyboards make the song feel wider, more energetic and creative than it actually is.

5. Writer’s Block

The melody could have been taken from a Disney soundtrack, Nevena and her team adds the necessary rock power to it. This leads a fluently working, very straight song, which touches your heart, but also makes your head bang slightly.

6. Miracles

Unfortunately, I could not spot a corresponding video release, but Miracles is the last song of the album, which Nevena fans know already. That’s a shame, as the song is really a nice power ballad, which comes with quiet moments as well as harder guitar riffs. One of my favorites.

7. You Two

Nevena states I wish you two the best – which is remarkable as the song is about her best friend and her boyfriend. But maybe there is some sense of irony in these words? 😉 The song has a bit of a Kim Wilde touch to me. I absolutely enjoy the listen, even if some parts feel a bit simple.

8. Fire In Me

Fire In Me is a straight rocker with a powerful, stomping rhythm. The background singers feel a bit much, but the listen is a nice one.

9. Brand New Heart

Brand New Heart is a bit slower than its predecessor, therefor the riffs feel a bit harder. I also enjoy the short guitar solo. Overall, I feel that the song is a great match to the musical profile of the artist.

10. Veil On The Mirror

Veil On The Mirror is the third song in a row with a similar profile. Thus, it just has to add something new to the listen. And, in fact, it does. The chorus is very cheeky and rhythmic and the pre-chorus part feels very modern as well. I am sure that many listeners consume this one with a smile.

11. Outrageous

Outrageous closes with album with a slightly new style of song. The strumming guitars backing the chorus are really cool and distract that this part of the song is in fact a bit of repetitive.


Nevena – Nevena – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Nevena – Nevena – My View

I have to give in: there are some things about these album which are not very good. For example, Nevena feels to be a bit stereotypical and you exactly get what you expect. But, I have to say: I love it. The sound triggers me and makes me travel to my personal golden era of music and I simply love to listen to this artist. Thus, I have to raise the Top Pick! banner in here. Give it a try and share your thoughts with me, please. about Serbia

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