Being Anne – Thank You For Ruining My Summer EP

Being Anne - Thank You For Ruining My Summer



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very beautiful, intimate lyrics
  • Great, very personal and relatable atmosphere Cons

  • Just one new song
  • Four songs come in a similar style

I am closing my reviews as of 22nd March 2024 with a German artist. Being Anne (typically written in small letters) is a rather cosmopolitan artist, though. This weekend, she released her debut EPThank You For Ruining My Summer. I had a listen.


Being Anne – About The Artist

Being Anne is a 25 year old German pop singer-songwriter. She was born in the Harz region, but later lived in the Saarland state, in Hamburg, France and London. She also has some amotional roots in New York City. Apart from her solo career, she is lso working as a production assistant. Her firs tsingle release has been Overload, which she recorded with the artist Some. It has been released in 2023.


Being Anne – Thank You For Ruining My Summer – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 15 minutes.

1. strawberry picking

The opening song is dealing about  lost love. We were somebody else states the young German singer-songwriter. The song feels very thoughtful, but also a bit of melancholic. This leads to a very personal, intimate touch. And increases the desire to listen to strawberry picking.

2. what did you do (feat. Wilhelm Tell Me)

Regarding Spotify streams, this is the most successful song of this EP already released. The song has been recorded with the Hamburg-based band Willheilm Tell Me and majorly focuses on a lovely duet with the band’s singer Henning Sommer. A beautiful ballad.

3. cold bitch

Being Anne strikes with direct and relatable lyrics. The third song of the EP is likely the best example for this. Despite the song continues with the emotional and quiet sound of the EP, you feel the anger in some of the lyrics. This leads to an almost spontaneous touch.

4. treehouse therapy

The fourth song takes the listener to the treehouse therapy. The guitar and rhythm is significantly more present in this 2:34 minute. WeÄre not afraid of falling is a key statement in here. The song actually works very good and has a nice mainstream radio quality, without loosing the personal songwriting qualities.

5. overdue

The closing track is the only song on the EP which has not been released as a single before. The song with the artists high voice and the strumming acoustic guitar has a slight folk music touch. Again, Being Anne defines a really beautiful atmosphere.


Being Anne – Thank You For Ruining My Summer – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Being Anne – Thank You For Ruining My Summer – Track by Track

The debut is a nice showcase for the emerging artist. I would have loved to have a another energetic song like treehouse therapy on the EP, though. Two new songs would have added quality and maybe also displayed a wider range of her work. Nonetheless, I definitely enjoyed listening to these five tracks.

Favorite Song: treehouse therapy



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