Beharie – Beharie // Beharie (EP)

Beharie - Beharie // Beharie



3.7/5 Pros

  • Nice fusion of different sounds
  • Warm and welcoming voice

The naming of Beharie’s EPs so far might not be that creative – but his songs are a g good listen. Thus, I just decided to share his second EP, Beharie // Beharie with you. It has been released on 23rd April 2021.


Beharie – About The Artist

Christian Beharie is a Norwegian singer who is doing a mixture of soul, folk and indie sounds. He is having a musical background as well and has been an ensemble member of the Norwegian version of The Book of Mormon. He debuted with his EP Beharie in 2019 and grew quite some fan base in his home country already.


Beharie – Beharie // Beharie – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 17 minutes

1. Three Worlds Apart

The first track is no full song, but a 38 second intro.

2. I Wish I Was You

The first full song is a nice slow song, which has a touch of easy listening and lounge sounds. Gentle, nice and good.

3. Don’t Wanna Know

Don’t Wanna Know gives a much stronger taste of Beharie’s background in soul music. The contrast between his unagitated, calm voice and the female background vocals in the chorus are very catching. The verses come with a nice groove. Really good song.

4. Won’t You Let Me Go

The fourth track is a beautiful ballad, in which the acoustic guitar leads to a touch of folk. Three full-length songs so far, each with a different character.

5. Worry

The groovy and rhythmic Worry is my favorite song of the album. It has a nice R&B touch and could be a really nice radio track as well. Not too surprisingly, the artist and his team selected this song as the first single of the EP.

6. Me and My Lonely

With Me and My Lonely, the album closes with a rather slow song. Again, the female background vocals lead to a very remindable sound. Good track.


Beharie – Beharie // Beharie – Spotify

Here is Beharie // Beharie on Spotify:


Beharie – Beharie // Beharie – My View

Five songs with five very different characters. I really enjoyed listening to Beharie’s second EP. The songs have a nice signature style and are just a nice and versatile listen. The very nice and warm voice finally leads to a great touch as well. Good one!


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