Razz – Might Delete Later EP

Razz - Might Delete Later



4.5/5 Pros

  • Six good songs
  • Very good sound, well recorded and produced
  • Nice style between indie and garage rock

The sound of Razz feels very international – but in fact they are from the Emsland, a Northwest region in Germany. After a short hiatus, they are back with a six track EP. Might Delete Later does not feel too promising – but already a first listen told me I should definitely not delete their songs. Here are my thoughts about the 18th June 2021 release.


Razz – About The Artist

Razz is a band of four members, which has been founded in May 2011 and did their first show with own songs in 2012. Niklas Keiser is the singer of the band, he and Christian Knippen play the guitars, Lukas Bruns is on the bass and Steffen Pott is the drummer of the band. They received quite a lot of reputation at early ages already: even before they released their debut album With Your Hands We’ll Conquer, they played at big festivals like the Hurriance, the Deichbrand or the Lollapalooza in Berlin. In later years, they supported Jimmy Eat World and played at Rock am Ring.


Razz – Might Delete Later – Track by Track

Might Delete Later includes six tracks and lasts 19 minutes.

1. 1969 – Conrad

The EP starts with the two singles, which have already been released before the album. 1969 – Conrad is a straight rock song, which feels like a great radio mainstream rock track as well. Keiser is doing an impressive work on the microphone and thus manages that this song definitely stays in your head. Really good!

2. Like You

The second single, Like You, reminds me a bit of Coldplay songs (which is actually not too bad, ain’t it?). Again, the song is very straight, but works well without using more than needed to be a good rock song with a nice indie touch.

3. Constant Flow

In Constant Flow, the guitars are scrumming a bit more gently and the listener is swaying to the music. An emotional track, which still has some of the power of the songs before. Good one!

4. Ocean (Without Any Waves)

Ocean (Without Any Waves) stays in line with the sound of the songs before. On the one hand, it means, we got another good song here – on the other hand, this track is maybe not adding too many new tunes or surprises to the EP.

5. Reverberating

The fifth songs comes with a very positive, happy sound. A very good rhythm and vibe turns Reverberating into the most catching song of the EP. You also feel a touch of garage rock in this song.

6. Game

Maybe not an epic anthem in a strict sense, but Razz conclude their six songs with the longest one (3:43 minute). The closing of this EP is definitely a pleasing one.


Razz – Might Delete Later – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:

Razz – Might Delete Later – My View

The short break really did not do any harm to Razz. The six songs they present are very good, you can easily relate to them and just have fun listening. If you like rock music with a touch of indie and a bit of garage-style, these Northern German guys might be an excellent option for you.


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